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Betting is one of the most established ways of making profits in gaming industry. In antiquated occasions, individuals utilized distinctive methods similar to stones or shell to play in the gaming and betting platform and in the this century, organizations endeavor to proceed with this methods, and we can see an incredible assortment of betting fields like gambling clubs and bookmakers enabling clients to put down wagers, acquire rewards and partake in drawing of prizes. Web based betting pulls in the consideration of gamers since they can win enormous money without leaving their homes. Be that as it may, does it work by as expected?

In spite of the high prominence of web based betting today, this industry has some well known difficulties such as ABSENCE OF FUNDAMENTAL CONTROLS, DELAY IN PROCESSING OF FUNDS, LACK OF TRUST AND TRANSPARENCY as a result of centralization. These and many more issues are what MATCHBILLION platform will rectify.

A major issue with the traditional betting and gaming platform is that they don't give information, similar to rewards, gaming results, payouts, and so forth. The majority of this data is intentionally concealed or mostly darkened from open investigation. Also, lots of manipulation in which gaming gadgets, machine and tools make it important to redraw and precisely change the machine to trick players and favor the platform or some set of players.

Obviously, absence of trust in the web based betting industry is an issue. That is the primary reason a ton of online gambling clubs endeavor to adopt the use of blockchain technology. This guarantees full trust and transparency and also demonstrates the fairness of the entire web based betting system to the players.
Most of the time if the players are participating in more than a game in the platform it's always required by the centralized platform for players to submit their data for verification in which this method can be so tedious

Another issue of web based betting is the multifaceted nature of handling and control of assets both for players and administrators. Each gamer needs an endorsed record with each administrator to get to their assets. The administrators don't have direct access to Players Accounts where aggregate players' assets are put away. In this way, there is a danger of losses and misfortune.

Blockchain innovation has turned into an answer for the issues in various ventures. The web based betting industry has a great deal of issues, and blockchain has tagged along in the nick of time to spare the circumstance. By what method can blockchain innovation spare the betting world?
First of all is through its ANONYMITY. Here and there gambling clubs request that players supply personal data or information while making and confirming their records. The procedure is very long and thats why blockchain technology has been introduced by MATCHBILLION platform to keep the players data safe and secured unlike other gaming platforms.


Before, online gambling clubs have utilized a few methods and tricks to take from clients directly in front of them. Extortion made numerous players stress and avoid the business. In the event that players remain away, gambling clubs can't profit. Blockchain innovation can change this and effectively support trust among clients and let them wager with certainty. Blockchain through the use of smart-contracts check records on a ledger that can't be controlled. This method adequately builds trust and increase transparency level in the system.
Numerous sites and organizations acknowledge digital forms of money as a payment method. Digital forms of money are turning into the famous method of payment. They offer clients the chance to bet online without revealing their identity and thats what exactly MATCHBILLION platform is offering the players globally. With MATCHBILLION platform, Players can get a substantially more secure approach to gather rewards. In addition, it's an immediate cost investment funds for gambling club sites, which can improve net revenues, since club utilizing digital forms of money can bypass money dealing with commissions.

MATCHBILLION has introduced its own token in the platform which will be used for playing games in the platform. The platform is designed in such a way that holders of the MATCHBILLION token (MBL) will be able to participate directly in the predictions and gaming activities. MATCHBILLION platform uses the results and drawing from the POWERBALL sites in which this will help increasing the trusts and transparency level of the platform.

Presently players can easily select different numbers they want in the platform and once 5 matches the results the players can easily win almost 1,000,000 MBL token + additional 10 ETH
There have been procedures starting from selection of numbers top the final stages which players can follow in MATCHBILLION platform in order to play game in the platform. All what players need to do is to register in the platform through the website link below and verify the email for registration.

There is an ongoing AIRDROP program in which players can easily partake in and earn more MBL token as reward. All what players have to do is to register on the platform , login and verify email, join telegram and likewise follow twitter and after this processes, rewards will be sent to MATCHBILLION wallet address. Cheers


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