JUSTIN SUN: Future Investment Opportunity

By Juris Formaran | Less Trade Trader | 21 Aug 2020

On August 20 2020, Justin Sun posted in his Youtube Channel about Future Investment Opportunity during the AMA session.

Several questions were propounded to Justin Sun. 

Here are the questions:

1. What's the best investment opportunity?

2. What is the secret recipe for making me rich?

3. Is JST (JUSt Token) going to the moon?

What are his answers to all the questions:

Justin answered that the biggest opportunity is a combined DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and TRON.

He upraised that JST is the best project on DeFi on TRON platfrom. 

He said that JST project is already ten times than before. It is also going to have better development in the future.

He added that POLONIEX is one of the most prestigious  and aggressive exchange to list DeFi tokens.

Lastly, he compared etheruem with tron.

He pinpointed that DeFi tokens running in ethereum have big problems.

These are the problems averred:

1. Scalability issue

2. Gas fee

He posited that TRON is 200x faster and 100x cheaper than ethereum.

If users will use TRON, they will enjoy so much better user experience than ethereum.

Please watch the video to completely grasp Justin Sun's answers.

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