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By andrianlover | Learn from Contest | 17 Feb 2021


Honestly, I started playing Upland because I read an article by Igor Tomic about a big prize writing competition. With that Gift, I will solve many problems in my life. For that, I tried to write something different from other articles.

Can you read my previous article about not being told about Upland? From my writing style, you must know that yesterday's article was part of a literary work. An article that uses imagination to design writing using dialogue that may not have happened.

Untold Story of Upland





Why are we embarrassed to say that we downloaded the Upland application to enter this contest. In fact, all the assessment teams also know the purpose of this contest. I think so. Because building a business requires a good concept of planning, program implementation, monitoring and program evaluation. The team from Upland already knew that it was time to work with writers to maximize the promotion program about Upland.


Where do we start?

A question that you must answer is how and how do you know the upland. Of course you follow the articles that have been written by Igor Tomic. You will definitely immediately look for Upland on the playstore. There you will read a brief introduction to Upland. That Upland's game is a combination of property trading with a blockchain system. I don't know, do most of us who take part in this contest directly download Upland? or anyone looking for information about Upland?

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Imagine the process of introducing a man to a woman. Are you going to take a woman right away without knowing her? If so, the girl would have screamed and that would be a problem. Then, you have to solve the problem with the police. Is that how you get to know and 'make friends' with Upland. Even though Upland is just a game.

You must know who Upland? If you already know Upland, then you have the courage to become friends with Upland. Isn't that right, my friend?

From my experience, I did not immediately download the Upland application. The first thing I did was visit Upland's official website. This is the right first step. There is no compulsion for you. however, you must consider Uplan as your friend. So that you will know how the birth history of Upland is.

Then, Who is the Upland Actually?

About Upland 

From the 'about us' information, you will read that Uplan was the brainchild of Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein and Idan Zuckerman. The three of them are the original owners of Upland. If you want to know how they found and created Upland? You can read my previous article. That's the version of me. Of course that cannot be said of Upland's history. It does not stop here, the follow-up question is whether the three of them are not looking for someone who can advise them to develop Upland?

This is where the charlatans play, people who have the ability to give the best advice. Of course, this advisor is already very skilled and professional in the business that combines a game with blockchain. They are Kai Bolik, Riz Virk, and Michael Terpin. Let's see, the inventors we already know. Then we have seen who the advisors are the people who guarantee that Upland is a game that you have to start and develop, and promote it to your friends.

However, Upland must have initial capital. So true. You know, the traditional business that we know cannot stand alone apart from getting support from investors. The main investor is your guarantee to play in the upland. If there are no investors, I doubt Upland will be played by many people. Because investors have a function to provide a guarantee that you can get income from this game. Upland's investor is the FinLab EOS VC Fund, a joint venture between FinLab AG and EOSIO blockchain developer

After that, what are you doing? please watch the video from Upland:

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How did you get closer to Upland? This question is a basic question of how we feel comfortable starting a game with Upland. My friend, you know, Upland has told us all the information we need. You can read Upland by visiting the following information:

Upland White Llima Paper -

Upland Partners -

Term of Service -

Privacy Policy -

Upland Tell Disclaimer

Become friend

After you read all the information above, this is the time for you to become Upland's friend. How to? You have to visit the PlayStore and mention one name, the name of your friend, namely Upland. Wait a moment my friend, before you download the application from Upland. You have to read some of the information in the application. It proves that you are a person who always checks every information. What is the information in the Upland application?

  • From the download data, more than 100,000 people who downloaded Upland. What does it mean? That means you are not alone. Since the first time you download Upland, you have a lot of friends, more than 100,000 people are your friends who have preceded you to download Upland.
  • Of the more than 100,000 downloads, there are 2,000 users who provide reviews and comments related to the upline. You can read their reviews one by one. No need to read 2,000 reviews. You just have to stop at a few reviews to make you even more believe that Upland is your best friend.
  • From the playstore that I have, users give a rating of 4.2 for Upland. And remember, with the development of blockchain and the passion of Upland's founders, advisors and partners. I am sure Upland will continue to grow and become a game that is easier to use. of course, add bonuses for users. I hope so.
How Do You Become an Uplander?

Ohh, this is no longer needed. Are you a person who just downloaded an application? I do not think so. So, do you need a guide on how you register for the Upland application. No need. You must have understood the technical way to register and create a new account in Upland. If you still ask for a registration guide? I have to ask you back. Are you a gamers? If so, you must know how to register in the game application before Upland.



Doesn't that also help people who want to become Uplander? correct. You can write a guide about registering at Upland. You can also make a video about it on youtube. There's no problem with that. It's just that, it would be better if you provide a record of your experience downloading and registering on Upland. That will be a lesson for potential.




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