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Why LBRY is the future of video platform

By kasra_mp | LBRY geek | 22 Aug 2020

I have been aware of LBRY for a few months now but never bothered to sign up with it because I really didn't want to get more emails than I do currently. Additionally, I have seen a lot of garbage YouTube alternatives that more or less I've lost my faith in any alternative. Until yesterday that out of sheer boredom I signed up and got my account verified.

The only thing I can say is I regret not signing up earlier. Instantly, I got the feeling that LBRY is the right platform for me, as a tech and a Linux enthusiast. I found a bunch of channels that I follow on YouTube and guess what I can watch their content on LBRY without ads and on top of it earn some tokens myself.

Getting started with LBRY is very easy and if you get your account verified you can right away start participating in the rewards program which essentially you earn some tokens. At the time of writing this article each LBRY token, LBC costs around $0.03.

This is not much obviously but it could be a good start for those like me who just looking for a YouTube alternative with crypto support and benefits for both viewers and creators.

Platforms like YouTube are so saturated and too competitive that most newcomers will lose motivation quickly before hitting 1K subscribers to just make the first few bucks. Not to mention that getting 1K subscribers on YouTube is becoming more and more challenging and you have to have a very specific niche to nail. And everything from copyright strike, ads calculation, source code, and so on is a black box to a user. For those who are concerned with privacy, YouTube is a nightmare.

On LBRY at least as of now, things are much better.


LBRY is very transparent. The source code of their SDK, platforms, and every other thing are completely open and available. One can inspect, read, modify, and distribute it which as a result holds LBRY to much higher standards from privacy and transparency perspective compare to YouTube.

From a content creator perspective, one can start getting some LBC crypto immediately with every video he publishes. Even though the LBC costs are very low, it's a very positive reinforcement to motivate content creators.

From a consumer perspective, one doesn't feel used as a view count and an ads watcher. He also gets some rewards for watching the content. The current trend in YouTube is in such a way that if someone gives a link to a video that's not even monetized people have little to no desire to even click on it as they feel used. Not only this doesn't exist in LBRY but also a consumer gets rewarded for subscribing, commenting, and generally being an active participant.

LBRY has been around since 2016 and it has its ups and downs but the fact that they are still around after the 2018 crypto market crash proves that creators behind such a platform are persistent and passionate enough to push this effort forward.

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Crypto and tech enthusiast. Into free/open software, privacy and decentralized, self-governed platforms.

LBRY geek
LBRY geek

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