Bitcoin in 2020 so far

By Shadow Crypto | Shadow | 13 Jul 2020

The Bitcoin in 2020 so far


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Here is some important information about Bitcoin trades in the past few months:

The first half of the year was fraught with uncertainty and high volatility in the global financial market. The effects of a global health crisis have had enormous impacts on all scenarios. The current moment demands caution and strategy.

Bitcoin price started 2020 being traded for $7300.

After the 31st of January, 1 unit of Bitcoin was traded for $10300+-  an increase of + 38% in relation to the opening price of 01/01/20.

On 03/13, driven by a panic sell and circuit breakers on the world exchanges, Bitcoin depreciated -46.62% in just 24 hours, leaving the price levels of $ 9000 from the previous day to the stop around of $5000 after a free fall.

Bitcoin gradually showed a consistent recovery, and in May, more precisely on May 8, the cryptocurrency reached its annual high, being traded for R $ 9000.

Annual Minimum: $5000 on 3/13;
Annual Maximum: $10300+- on 05/08;
Important event: 3rd Halving concluded on 11/05/2020;

Although past figures are no guarantee of future earnings, we believe that building equity is a journey that depends on information, good strategy and portfolio diversification. To this end, Braziliex is present in the national cryptocurrency scenario, to ensure that our customers carry out their operations on a safe and complete platform.




Join LBRY and EARN 1$ just to signup, you can sell it on Bittrex:$/invite/@shadowcrypto:2

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