Pizza on a Wrap
My version of pizza on a Wrap topped with mushrooms and spinach

Pizza on a Wrap

This is Lazy healthy recipes!

Welcome to my world of lazy healthy food! Because healthy doesn't need to be complicated!
And most importantly, healthy can also be super tasty!!!


Here's a super fast pizza on a wrap idea:





--> 1 wrap of choise (preferably whole grain/ with different grains, like quinoa, buckwheat...)
--> 4 TB of tomato sauce (quantity to taste) I'll do a post on an super easy and amazing homemade tomato sauce, that makes all the difference on your recipes!
--> Cheese of choise (also have a super vegan "cheez" recipe coming up that even omnivorous love it!)
--> Handfull of spinach
--> Mushrooms
--> Tamari or soya sauce
--> Cherry tomatoes
--> Basil
--> salt/pepper to taste


--> Slice the mushrooms into small pieces
--> Add to a hot pan, give it a little mix and wait about 4 min (mixing from time to time, so it doesn't stick at the bottom)
--> Add salt/pepper + 5 splashes of tamari (or soya sauce) and mix it
--> At this point the mushrooms will have started to shrink, keep mixing
--> You can also add some splashes of water at any point if you feel like the mushrooms are sticking in the pan
--> When they're almost done just add the spinach and mix
--> Turn the hob off once the spinach is cooked (they'll shrink A LOT)

--> While your mushrooms are cooking you can start setting up your pizza
--> Get your wrap and add the tomato sauce + chopped cherry tomatoes
--> Add the cheese on top
--> Add your mushroom + spinach mix on top
--> Place it on a clean pan on medium to low heat on the hob and close it with a lid
--> When you see that the cheese is fully melted, you can put the heat up to max for a few seconds, this way you'll get a crunchy wrap at the bottom! :)



I guarantee you'll love this recipe!
Next time you're at the groceries', just grab a wrap and give it a try!
This is a super easy, fast, healthy and megalicious pizza! And also super super cheap!!!

What do you guys think? Will you give it a go, or a no?
Let me know what kind of recipes you like and I'll post a healthy crazy version of mine! 


You can also find me on Instagram @kah.foods for more content!


Thank you for reading!

Lazy Healthy Food
Lazy Healthy Food

If you think healthy food is boring and complicated, I'm gonna prove you wrong! Here you can find super tasty recipes that are super easy and fast to make, but above all HEALTHY!! Forget about that boring lettuce salad that pops in your head when you think about healthy food, there's SOO MUCH MORE and I'm here to show you!

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