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By odin59 | laughter zone | 7 Oct 2020

01 - 

A Linux engineer, a Mac engineer and a Microsoft engineer are in the car and blow a tire.
Engineer Mac says, "You have to change the tire to be able to continue"
Linux engineer says, "We have to find out why the flat tire first so that it doesn't happen again"
The Microsoft engineer says: "We just have to continue like this we'll see if it fixes itself"


02 -

The only programs that don't bug under Windows are probably viruses ...


03 - 

Research shows that 80% of people who use computers say Windows is a scam, it's expensive, and long live Linux.
Another study has shown that 80% of people who use a computer have Windows, and they don't intend to change it.


04 -

A miserable man walks into a bar and drinks a little man's glass. The man bursts into tears, and the miserable man says to him:
-Oh sorry.
- It's okay, said the little man. It’s just the worst day of my life.
-First my dial did not ring, I arrived at work late and my boss fired me, I arrive at home and I announce the news to my wife and she leaves me by leaving with my two children, the supper that she had prepared me in the oven explodes and I find myself in the hospital, when I come back my house burned down and I went to the bar to end my life and here is a little comic drink my glass of poison.

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