Zhongshan, China

Zhongshan. Part 1. About our trip.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 21 Nov 2020


I am starting a series of posts about our two trips to the Chinese city of Zhongshan.
The only mention that we were there, I have only in the story "Barbecue with friends", which just happened in this very city visiting friends.

We went there because we were invited for a long time. We did not know the city, we were never in that direction, how to go there, looked at the navigator and - off we went.
And so twice. :)))
But the second time we went, because now we really wanted to go there and already knew everything.
What we saw in two trips, and what I will tell you about.
What we saw and where we visited in this town (small by Chinese standards in China.

For example, a golf club, one of the largest in the world, with 36 holes, who understands.

A farm for growing Chinese carp. Who likes to call these fish Japanese carps, no problem, please.
I'll start writing about a fish farm, I'll tell you everything, and I'll write the correct name.


An authentic Chinese village. I am used to the difference between "then" and "now", but it will be interesting for you to see how the Chinese lived literally 30-40 years ago in order to understand how they live now.


Of course, of course, delicious food. How can you travel or go on a visit and not eat tasty?
Delicious food is an obligatory attribute of every meeting with friends and traveling.


At my friends, I saw how tadpoles grow (my daughter was given the task in the kindergarten - to grow. :)))


We sweated with friends in the sauna and swam in a wonderful pool.


And, of course, roads, roads, bridges ... Here, at least do a separate section in general. The roads and bridges are constantly impressive.


And, of course, much more, something that was not immediately remembered already.

See you in new stories about a city you most likely have not been to. :)))

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