Guilin. Part 3. Old grandmothers.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 24 Dec 2020

The first two articles were written in hot pursuit, when more impressions went off the scale, and emotions simply overwhelmed (you can read them at the links below).
Now it’s being written more calmly and overviewly, but I hope this makes it no less interesting for those who read.
Today I want to touch on the issue of residents of the area where we were on rice terraces.
And specifically, these grandmothers.


As I wrote in a previous article, our hotel was on a mountain. When walking on the second day, having climbed the whole mountain, we realized that we were taken uphill to the hotel by a bypass road, only jeeps can go there, and this climb uphill costs 100 yuan. Not cheap.
Then we did not know that you could just climb the mountain on foot. There are a lot of different hotels on the mountains, each of them can be climbed uphill, there would be a desire and strength.
What about suitcases, backpacks?
And it turned out that you can give them to such lovely grandmothers - porters, who will drag (bring) your things to your room. For a much lower fee. I don’t remember already, or 30, or 50 yuan.


And Chinese tourists are actively giving their suitcases, suitcases and backpacks to these old women.


I am not a Chinese woman. My arm and leg will not rise to give my backpack to this old woman.
There was a dispute with her husband. He said that I, therefore, did not give my grandmother the opportunity to make money on this. And she earns money on this, and is accustomed to carrying cargo. Perhaps he is right in theory. But in practice, he, too, would never have hung his suitcase on this woman. Most likely, I would just give the money. Either I bought a flower from her, or what a delicious fruit, or here we also bought beautiful woven products.
The first time I photographed such a grandmother, and then I could not resist, and took another photograph. I wanted to show you what her load is and where she is going.
Someone from the commentators in previous articles asked to show the paths. Well, such paths lead both around the mountain and from below, from the parking lot up. For example, from bottom to top, our hotel was about 1.5-2 km. This is our hotel at the top of the environment of other houses located. You could say grandma almost came already.





But such a height, when viewed from above, and yet, and even higher ...



This is the work of grandmothers.
Every day from the mountain is empty - uphill with a suitcase. Maybe she can take only one suitcase .... It is unhurried, hunched under weight ....
Sometimes resting.
There are sometimes benches, there are such places to relax.


And around, of course, beauty ...
But, if it rains, I don’t know how they walk along these stone paths, and how they climb up the clay in jeeps.
In the next article I will show all the photos about buildings under construction on the mountains. The tourism business is actively developing, multi-storey hotel buildings are actively being built, stuck to the mountain with one wall.

To be continued....

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All photos are from the collection of the author.

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