A trip to Guilin. Part 1. Introduction.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 19 Dec 2020

Almost 11 years we spend a lot of time in China. And every year we told ourselves: we must go to Guilin.
Who does not know, this is where such mountains are mounds.
But a year passes, we go to other places, to other countries, and somehow everyone could not get to Guilin.
And now, it happened, we arrived!
That was the fall of 2017.


I am delighted and impressed by the surrounding landscapes even today.
Only the Guilin Mountains can be better than the mountains, and only the Guilin Mountains with rice terraces can be better than them. :)))
My husband never considered a trip to China as tourism. Interesting, but we found out only on the trip. After in the city of Yangshuo, where we were 3 days, it turned out almost like in Thailand. You don’t even understand where you seem to be in Thailand on the shopping streets and bar-restaurant streets.
We saw domestic tourism in China with our own eyes. The scale is something.
But first things first, for those planning a trip like this, to understand where to go and where to stop, what needs to be done and what is not needed.
We ourselves re-read a lot of information on the Internet, thanks to everyone who takes the time to write about their trips, very useful information to understand that you need to go not just to Guilin, but to neighboring Yangshuo. And yet, if we are driving 600 km by car from our house, where we are living in China to Yangshuo and the Guilin Mountains, then it’s worth driving another 200 km to visit the rice terraces immediately.
Thus, we booked a hotel in Yangshuo for 3 days, and immediately further, in Longji, for 2 days.
They decided to go by car, since everything is fine with us: the car is in Shenzhen numbers, Chinese rights, technical inspections and environmental tickets this year, the car is in excellent condition, that is, everything is as it should.
Still needed good weather, sunny and no rain.
It seems that everything worked out. :))) Although a bright sunny day was only on the first day.

We stayed for a week among the mountains of Guilin, rice terraces, walked in the mountains, rode on the river, visited a cave where silver was mined. There are a lot of impressions.






Night on a high mountain, in complete silence, in a wooden hotel, all the Chinese have been sleeping for a long time, the dogs have stopped barking, only the crickets are a little chirping. Silence really puts pressure on your ears. I haven’t been in such a rustic place for a long time. Peace and tranquility, and delight at the fact that we were there at that moment.
Terraces at the end of September had not yet turned yellow, as in photographs on the Internet, they were just starting.
Our hotel room with two windows just gave them a view. We lived right among them, inside the park of terraces, on a high mountain !!!


I will tell you in my next articles about our trip to this wonderful place.
And, no, the movie Avatar was not shot in these mountains. He was filmed in another wonderful place.

All photos are mine, copyright.

To be continued...

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