A trip to Guilin. Part 2. Rice terraces of Longji.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 20 Dec 2020

The first parts can be read here:
A trip to Guilin. Part 1. Introduction.

The day of walking on the rice terraces really exceeded all our expectations.
We thought that we climbed the mountain to the hotel, woke up the next day, walk around, take a picture, and just relax, sitting on a bench in the village where we are.
But everything turned out to be completely wrong.



It turns out that here all the mountains are around in stone staircases, paths, their path begins just from our village-hotel and goes, goes, goes .... in general, we went at 12 o’clock to see where this path goes, so at 5 o’clock in the evening we returned to the hotel, going the nearest mountains and settlements in a circle along these paths, first going down to the very bottom, where our car was parked 1 km from our hotel below, and the funicular starts up, and then, climbing to the very top, where the funicular brings tourists to the observation deck.

As a result, 12-15 km of hiking along rocky mountain steps. The day has really set. :)))
Now I know for sure that I’ll calmly get to any temple anywhere on any mountain with any 2,000 steps. :)))
I used to think that I won’t reach. Practice has shown that it is not in vain that I run 5-10 km. :)))
You know, this is the first time I’ve seen close today how rice grows, and even in my palm I held ears.

I did not know that rice grows in ears like wheat. For some reason, it always seemed to me that his grains somewhere inside, under water, were growing, because I always imagined the rice fields in water and in water. So I thought that the grains are also in the water.



But it turned out that rice grows like ordinary wheat, like rye - in the same spikelets. By the way, when we were on the terraces, the rice was already showered, on the ground a lot of rice grains lay.
But the stems at the very bottom of the earth - they are all in the water. And after the rains just the grooves of water appear.
Weather for a walk did not let us down either. In the morning there was fog, they did not know if it would rain or not. We went out in the fog and in the clouds for a walk for lunch, took umbrellas.
Then everything was dispelled, the sun, the blue sky - beauty, the pictures turned out great.
Then the clouds again, it started to rain, and I was straining to think that if the rain intensifies or goes downpour, then we’ll stomp along the mountains for several kilometers along the stone steps, which will become slippery, back to the hotel. And they, by the way, are rather narrow, and the precipice is constantly down, and the path is narrow, only to disperse to two people.
We were just at the top, where the funicular of tourists landed on the observation deck, as it rained. We hid in a cafe and waited half an hour. And, you know, the sun reappeared, the clouds left, and we calmly reached the hotel paths for an hour in our paths.
A lot of kg left me today, and the sweat was pouring really hail. :))) Although +23 was all day.

5 hours of a charming walk, cool views that will definitely remain in my memory, as one of the most beautiful places where you relax with your soul.
Therefore, I will not post in this post neither villages, nor roads, nor houses under construction, I will post them in the following posts, but I will show you just pictures with rice terraces.
By the way, they managed to turn yellow a little during the night. In a week, the yellow-green ones will actually become different, as in many photos on the Internet. But a little yellow we still got.
You know, the higher you climb, the more beautiful and larger the views are, and they are changing before our eyes.
Today we have gone the way, so to speak, from being directly in front of the ears of rice inside the terraces themselves, to a view from above from the highest point of the observation deck on this beauty. :)))

I hasten to share with you.










All photos are copyrighted.

To be continued.

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