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Golden Bridge "In the Hands of God" in Ba Na Hills Park, Danang.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 7 Feb 2021



The Golden Bridge in Da Nang in Vietnam was built recently, in 2018, but its popularity is already incredible.
Now tourists who arrive in Da Nang, the first thing they go to see this bridge
The bridge is built on the first level of Sun World Ba Na Hills Park.
What is the first level? This is the height of the mountain where the park is located. You get to different levels by cable car.
The cable car is also very unique, and has 4 different lines, I’ll tell you about the road separately as well.
You saw the upper part of the park in my previous posts, where there are hotels, restaurants, rodelbahn.
And a little lower, at an altitude of 1400 meters, literally 2-3 minutes of travel by cable car, is the Golden Bridge, Buddha statue, pagoda and French garden.
We got to the first line after 15-00, from the upper solar level, in full fog and rain, and, in the rain, we walked very little and very quickly through the garden, so I got few photos.
Here is such a wonderful garden in the form of a colorful peacock turned out.


And I have a Buddha in such a rainy form.


So, the Golden Bridge.
Do you see a bridge in this photo?
So we took the first steps and saw a bridge here in this weather. Here in such a fog, where the rain was drizzling. And this despite the fact that we just walked upstairs under the bright sun, I am a blue sky. I was very upset. I came here only for the sake of this bridge.


But, do not rush to be upset with me, our walk had a happy continuation, because, as you already read in my previous articles, the weather here is changing rapidly, the fog instantly dissipates, and the sun appears.
The history of the bridge is also very amazing.
It was built very quickly, in just 2 years.
The bridge was built not only as a walking platform for tourists, it has, first of all, a practical component. The bridge connects the cable car station with the surrounding territory, with the nearby village. Before the construction of the bridge, movement across the territory from one part to another was difficult.
The length of the Golden Bridge is 150 meters. It has 8 spans and 7 supports.
But only two supports are made in the form of two arms, and from the side an effect is achieved such that two arms hold the entire bridge.


As conceived by the designer, the design of the bridge was made so that it seemed as if the hands of God were holding in their hands the golden thread that they got from the earth.
When designing, the fingers repeatedly changed in shape, trying to achieve (and it turned out) the optimal and natural position of the hands holding this golden thread.
I did not immediately notice in the fog that my fingers were cracked, as it were, old.
It turns out that all this was done on purpose, the hands were specially “aged” to create the effect that this bridge was built a long time ago, the fingers are specially made with cracks and in some places covered with moss.




I must say that the bridge is intended only for pedestrians. It is very narrow, walking, 5 meters wide, which accommodates a 3-meter pedestrian walkway, no vehicles can move around the bridge.
Golden railings are made of stainless steel, and the flooring is made of dense and high-quality wood that can withstand heavy loads.
In the wet time that we found, the bridge is not slippery.


I will say again that I was very worried that we came to the bridge when it was in heavy fog. Then I did not know that in this place the weather can change every 10-15 minutes.
Thick fog - drizzled rain - and, suddenly, sunlight, the fog is scattered, and the blue sky.
And then I read the Internet and see the view that photos of the bridge in the fog are the best photos of this bridge. 😁
Maybe this is just some opinion for tourists that they should not be upset if they were not able to see the whole bridge due to fog, but I had photographs both in fog and without fog.

So I'm doubly happy.

As I wrote earlier, we took a day excursion, which included absolutely all expenses (transfer to the park, ticket for the cable car, great dinner), so if you go to get to the park on your own, there are a lot of articles on the Internet how to get there and how much it all costs.
At the end of the article, I’ll just show you photos from the bridge, taken in fog and without fog.
The bridge is in the fog when we first approached it.



And then the fog began to dissipate, and the bridge began to appear more and more clearly.





And at the end of the bridge there are such interesting figures: head, arms, legs, all separately.
It is interesting what the sculptor wanted to say. 😉




And this is a few videos of the bridge. Also different.
And the moment when there was fog, I thought that we just fell into the clouds, a walk in the clouds over the bridge - why not?
And the video on the bridge when the fog was already dispelled.
To the people!!!
But, by the way, the abundance of tourists for some reason does not annoy me at all. Sometimes it’s only when the especially zealous Chinese pose for 5-10 minutes, constantly looking at what happened again, and again, and 10 times are photographed. Then patience ends, of course.
And so, the crowd around is no problem for me.

Here is a video of the bridge in the fog. Just stopped by.

And here is a video of the bridge when the fog has already cleared.

My happiness knew no bounds. I thanked the Universe for the sun and the opportunity to see the whole bridge, for great photos and videos.
I advise everyone to visit the park and see the bridge, and everyone - good weather.


To be continued...

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All photos and videos belong to the author of the article, that is, to me. 

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