Vietnam 2019.

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We have already been to Vietnam, and, as it turned out, 8 years ago. We were in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).
We liked Vietnam. Then I did not keep my blogs, I didn’t have an iPhone for instant shooting, I took everything on a camera and didn’t upload my photos anywhere. Perhaps now is the time to take it all up and talk about our last trip about Vietnam too.

And now about the present.
We chose central Vietnam, which is absolutely unfamiliar to us, the city of Da Nang, which I had not even heard of before.
Get to us very quickly.
We chose air travel with Jetstar, a new company for us, which turned out to be a wonderful Australian low-cost airline.
Fly just one hour, forty minutes. On the Airbus A320.


And we even ate during that time. When ordering tickets online, we chose food for ourselves.
It was not possible to fly for long, but we had an early morning departure from home at 6AM, departure, we did not know if we had time to have a bite to eat at the airport, and just in case we took food on the plane.
It turned out to be a good little spicy food.



Arrived at Da Nang. Everything is close and close here, just like in Dubai. 5-7 km around from the airport are all hotels and attractions.
The city is actively being built and built. This is visible everywhere.
What is Vietnam for you? What is he like?
Is this like that?






It is immediately clear that tourism occupies one of the most important places in development in Da Nang. A huge number of hotels, from rented out small apartments to high-rise respectable hotels.
At every step there are cafes, restaurants, from small restaurants to huge restaurants with hundreds of seats (again, I immediately see the focus on large tourist groups that usually come from China).
Da Nang is contrasting, like any city.
Built by the square-nesting method, when large streets are interconnected by narrow lanes.
The streets are wide, multi-lane, many with dividing strips in the middle.
Da Nang is famous for its bridges.
I will try to show you in the following articles beautiful, simply unique in design bridges, we have plans to walk along them and near them.

Enjoy fine Vietnamese coffee in the mornings and evenings.
We drink coffee produced by the same animal.
You know, the taste is interesting, and I liked it.



To be continued...


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