Flower shop near the house.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 7 Apr 2021

Near our house there is such a flower shop.
I walk past him every day, and today I stopped, and took many photos and several videos.
If a person who loves flowers comes in, he can hang here for a long time, looking at each flower in pots.
A lot, very beautiful, everything blooms.
This store opened about a year ago. First, the flower department was inside the large Vantin supermarket, then the flowers disappeared from there, and then a separate flower pavilion opened nearby, 100 meters away.


If I write about the fact that the Chinese can not for the most part love pets, like their pets, as family members, if I may say so, I think you understand me, and this is the case at the moment, then now I write that the Chinese love flowers very much.
It is with natural flowers that the Chinese decorate their balconies, their plots near houses.
Moreover, not only flower pots, but also large flowerpots with bushes and trees can stand on balconies.
Many times I saw my neighbors in our different condominiums, where we lived, who had a whole balcony, or a whole loggia - all in flowers.
Flowers hang in flower pots inside balconies, flowers stand in pots, flowers hang from a balcony.


My mother loves flowers very much, she has a whole greenhouse in her apartment.
When she lived with us in China, every day she wondered how much greenery was around, and how these people looked after everything, how green everything was, how everything blossomed, and there was no dry foliage and grass anywhere.
And it is true. The landscaping service here works very well.
For those who don’t know, I’ll say that there is no black earth in Shenzhen, and in Huizhou, where we live now. There is only clay everywhere. And all the greenery, all the grass, all the flowering trees - all this is planted in clay.
Many times I watched a green hillock and lawns appear near new skyscrapers under construction: all of them are laid at night with squares of green turf that they bring. Workers put these pieces on clay, in squares, next to each other, and then for several days in a row, every day, these lawns are filled with water every morning or evening until they take root.
So there is greenery around.
It’s all about the green city.

In both apartments and houses, many people in China make green balconies and courtyards.


Flower shop next to the house, Huizhou, South China
Here in our flower shop presents all the options that may come in handy for fans to decorate apartments and houses with flowers.
Next, I would just like to show you this store outside and inside.
Enjoy viewing with a little explanation to those who love flowers and will look at them.

Entrance to the store. At first there were few flowers near the store.


A variety of flowers in pots near the entrance.



The assortment of roses showed you above, and I want to show such a bush of roses separately, note that it is all filled with unopened buds that will bloom soon.


Where without cacti, big ...


... and little ones.


Hanging flowers in flower pots.



A huge range of different colors.
Specialists - write what flowers you see here, I do not understand them at all.

That - what a miracle?


Further, just a lot of flowers, this is still an assortment standing on the street in front of the store.







A store employee was just watering all colors.


And inside the store, from trees to flowers that already go to bouquets.








There are aquariums here ...


... various souvenir crafts and other gift accessories of your choice.



Very cool.

I almost forgot to show the parrots.





And here are the buyers.


Flower shop next to the house, Huizhou, South China

And a little video.

To be continued.

All photos and videos are copyright.

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