KOY Jumuiya Launching - For KOY Network

KOY Jumuiya DAO Launching Today To Support The KOY Network

By fycee | KOY Jumuiya | 17 Oct 2023

The term "Jumuiya" means, “greater community” in Swahili, this is a reflection of our plan to be as inclusive and as far-reaching as possible.


We are very pleased to announce the creation of the KOY Jumuiya. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Imagine the emergence of the DAO's nowadays supporting blockchain industries. This is no different than the community supporting the blockchain itself rather than the fact that most of the community members are from Africa because the network's primary aim itself is the regard to the welfare of the Africans (Yes, the whole 54 countries of Africa).

Since, the blockchain itself is a universal commodity that can be used by anybody in the world, the DAO itself highly welcomes everyone in the world too. This I must say since I am located in South-East Asia, particularly the Philippines. We are just so glad to know that there is a blockchain corporation who has the heart to a target region where it would aim to revolutionize the payment system in their target region. Therefore, the DAO will be a home for KOY Network enthusiasts, investors, and stake-holders. The KOYmunity (KOY Community) also welcomes volunteers to share the updates and onboard more believers of the network's power and its genuine aim.  The DAO is also the home of the top caliber and carefully-selected ambassadors with proper training (The KOY Jumuiya Ambassadors Training Program) to uphold the ideals and share to the whole world how efficient this blockchain is in fulfilling its mission for Africa. Our KOY Jumuiya Ambassadors are trained by the founders themselves and an ambassador with a tested and proven success and great track-record in being one for several years in the industry. 

Now, let's take a look at the blockchain that will change the lives of the people in Africa - by targeting the challenging payment process in this region.


How do you think will the blockchain fulfill its aims for Africa?


KOY Network is building Africa's distributed financial infrastructure by powering trade through payments, logistics and other digital services.



In today's 21st century, our world thrives on networks that demand speed, security, and accessibility. Africa lacks a value network specifically designed to connect its people, organizations, and countries with the instant and seamless connections needed to operate at the speed of modern business.

Imagine having control over your finances, identity-based services, travel arrangements, medical records, proof of employment and more, securely, at your fingertips, 24/7.


Discover the profound convenience and efficiency that can transform the daily lives of people across Africa.

With KOY Network, we are providing Africa with the tools to secure its digital future. By providing secure and accessible solutions, we help communities thrive, businesses succeed and countries prosper.

Join us to unlock Africa's true potential, where individual control and empowerment will lead to a better future.

The KOY Network Website and Social Media Handles


The KOY Network will also provide Africa and the whole world a super-app where a person living as a digital nomads are already there in their fingertips.



I am extremely happy and excited to share to every crypto-agnostics here in Publish0x that the ambassadors will share more of the things about the KOY Network. They will be so proud introducing themselves as KOY Jumuiya Ambassadors stated in their profiles and blogs.


The KOY Jumuiya Official Ambassadors

Kindly follow us too on Twitter.


If you are an African, you love your country, and aims for a better payment system, even though you support other blockchains because of their popularity or probably you had the sense of gratitude to it since it has led you to your financial freedom in some ways, this is the blockchain that actually be the best chance to fulfill your own aims too for your nation, whatever country you are in the 54 Nations in Africa.


If you are not from Africa, just like me, why not take this opportunity to support a technological breakthrough provider that focuses on a target region, even though it's not ours, but knowing that it has a heart for the real welfare of its people, this definitely means we can always opt for them to also change a whole lot of things too, where-ever we are.



Thank you for reading the intro of the DAO supporting KOY Network!


About the Author

I am Fycee, one of the pioneer authors of Publish0x, well-known by being in the Telos Foundation before and now shifted my support and involvement to the KOY Network and KOY Jumuiya.



Represented the KOY Network as a KOY Jumuiya co-founding member during the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023



These are my affiliations and title now:

Blockchain Council of the Philippines - Council Member

Web 3 Influencer - Philippines

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KOY Jumuiya
KOY Jumuiya

KOY Jumuiya is the DAO supporting the aims of The KOY Network. KOY Network is a Layer-1 blockchain with 40,000 TPS Capacity. A blockchain start-up to revolutionize the payment system in Africa (The whole 54 countries). Providing Africa an access to Global Network, Compliance in each nations and the world standards, Drive innovation with advanced cryptography and speed, Delivering a cutting edge technology and game-changing services. As a DAO. We are the most aligned community.

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