What is Cryptofish?

What is Cryptofish?

By NFT ROOM | NFT's | 24 Feb 2021

Today we have Cryprofish, a small but very promising project that we found around twitter!  There is not much information out there but we had a talk with the person in charge and gave us great information about the status of the project now and what they expect to accomplish over time.  

What is Cryptofish?

Cryptofish are  offers collectable and unique fish! they want to bring back the "collectability" aspect to NFTs and give them actual usage through Dapps that will allow users to have their unique fish swimming around their desktop.  

How many fish will be made? There will be 999 Cryptofish in total, these will have different "Quality"

  • Common (5 copies)
  • Scarce (3 copies)
  • Rare (2 copies)
  • Unique (Single)
  • Special (Single) special fish will be released in holidays or well known characters like Nemo for example.


When will users be able to see their fish in action?

The app is in planning stages still, it will require a lot of animations and we are still breaking down whether we will add some type of staking functionality, where you can stake your fishes within it and you have a chance depending on which ones you do stake, to create a baby fish. And there will be a large variety of rare ones and so forth. This allows people to also download a desktop background that will show your fishes interacting within the fish tank (called AQIUUM). We are still thinking of whether we will add collectibles for the actual environment of the AQIUUM like seaweeds, rocks, castles, etc. But the idea being is that you can actually see your rare collectibles as opposed to just them being in a wallet.

No associated ERC20 token as for now.

Will the 1st edition fish be the rarest?

Let me break down the metadata to answer your first edition question, here are the metadata and why they are cool and what they can be used for. Collection: Tells you the type of fishes, similar to cryptopunks how their alien collection is very rare, we will have some very rare collections that wont have many fish added to them, and some like the originals that will have more.

Habitat: You dont see the example of this yet in the first editions, but this is simply the background color behind the fish, it has a few possibilities, Ocean, Sea, Lake, Swamp and isolated (pure white).

Accessory: Similar to the cryptopunks, we will be adding a variety of accessories, you have only seen the bubbles and a few things like the glasses on the steampunk goldfish but we will have many things like seaweed, anchors, harpoons through the fish, all of these will bring a new dimension of collectibility because they will all vary in occurances. Which one is the rarest? We dont know, people will decide that themselves, and this is a breathing work of art that can take many directions.

Quality: I have explained above Edition: You can think of editions like batches of art, we have completed the first editions with only the goldfish, there will be other fish not just the goldfish, its just we wanted to show off the collections and make the first edition special. You might get a less rare goldfish in the future that is the 6th edition. The earlier the editions the better.

ID: This is a unique identifier we will add on the website so people can verify exactly which fish they have because as the collections get bigger, and the person buying might not be able to tell the difference between some similar ones, it will give them that info. It can also be used as a gage on how long ago it was created, it will be the fingerprint of the fish. 


How did you come up with this idea?

This idea came to life when I was noticing how the most valuable NFTs aren't even really about having the most appealing art. Cryptopunks drove me to try to recreate what makes them so valuable, and add more collectible elements. So we created a new genre Cryptofish, but added more metadata characteristics that can be utilized in our future Dapps.

That's it! hope you liked this little interview/ introduction to their project!

We personally supported this project by getting one of the 1st edition fish! the 2nd edition are being released now!


To get one of their fish you can go to their Rarible profile or website!


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