HodlGod! Play-to-earn Battle Royale!

HodlGod! Play-to-earn Battle Royale!

By NFT ROOM | NFT's | 21 Jan 2021



Welcome to another post about NFT/blockchain gaming!

What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a 3D PvP Battle Royale game in a fantasy world, merging the usage of blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Every player starts every game with an equal opportunity for victory, just like most popular battle royale games today. In essence this means that people can pay $1 USD per 4–5 hour period of game time, and earn up to approximately 1000x their initial deposit, using only their in-game skills with no other advantages over other players.


If you are a collector, gamer, trader or even a eSports fan, this game can suit you in many ways! 

You can collect ultra-rare Immortal Gear NFT's, Enjoy a an amazing fantasy battle royale purely based on player skill and trade items!

HodlGod was first announced back in August 2020 and had their first pack sale on December 21 which is still ongoing until all the packs are gone.

Game Trailer

How can I earn $?

With gold which can be converted to ELEMENT and then to BTC, ETH, EOS, WAX, VOID!

Gold can be found exploring the world, defeating monsters, and progressing through purgatory mode stages.

Element is the native HodlGod currency used for exchanging gold!

How much do I have to invest?

HodlGod is all about becoming immortal though the blockchain and getting Immortal Gear.

To achieve this you have to gather every part of every set, each set has 4 shards (armor, main-hand weapon, off-hand weapon and bow). Then to answer how many packs you need to buy — there are Immortal Genesis Packs of 3 Immortal Shards + 125 game credits, and Genesis Starter Packs with 1 Immortal Shard + 50 game credits. So you can buy a few and see what you get, trade with others, and collect all 5 Immortal Gear sets.


Game modes

For the Alpha only Arena mode will be availible but once the Beta version is released the Purgatory mode will be released!

Im in love with the Purgatory mode and cant wait to play it! 

This game mode is played in teams and the team that looses leaves the match without equipment but if you win you can get very valuable items!

To play it you must pay 1$ and matches can last up to 4/5 hours, the good thing about this game mode is that you can stop at any time and resume your game or even go to a safe zone and leave with the items that you got!

When can I play?

The alpha will be released at the end of January and the Beta in late February!

You can access the Alpha by singing up with your email on their website.

HodlGod will be initially released on PC but since it uses Unreal Engine this means the game will be ported to Xbox, PlayStation, MacOS, iPhone and Android.

This ambitious project was founded by WAX and built by Onessus on the blockchain, I feel like this game its not getting as much attention as it should, considering that over the last years this type of games have been breaking records all over the place and now its coming to blockchain and it also has NFT's.

In conclusion I think this game has great potential and I would consider buying some packs either for the future or to get some nice items and have a good start when the game comes out!

Atomic Hub Pack Sale




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