What is Axie infinity?

What is Axie infinity?

By NFT ROOM | NFT's | 27 Jan 2021

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Inspired by the Pokémon saga, Axie Infinity might be the biggest Pay-to-Win-to-Earn right now, with characters that sell as high as 300ETH and a growing community that has already reached the 19.000 simultaneous players!


What is Axie Infinity?
Its a video game in which we will have to assemble a team of “Axies”, these are the characters of the game, you will need them to fight other players in the Arena or monsters in the Adventure mode, Axies can breed other Axies that will be rarer and stronger!

The game has a turn based combat system, this means that victory doesn’t rely on who has the best team or stats but on whoever plays their cards better in every situation. The esthetic of the game might look childish but it really does have some interesting and deep mechanics.


Can you make profit out of this game?
The answer is yes! the bad thing is that the game requires an initial investment because in order to play the game you must assemble a team of at least 3 Axies, each Axie costs around 40$ on the marketplace right now, this means that you would have to invest around 130$ or even a little bit more due the high GAS fees since the game runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Is it worth it?
Maybe this is more personal but we think that it is worth it since the game has some pretty good bases already, the esthetic is great and after your first investment you can earn in-game tokens every day! This makes up such a great game and project that we absolutely love and encourage everyone to play!

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