I Love Pets - Dogs Have Always Been A Man's Bestfriend

I Love Pets - Dogs Have Always Been A Man's Bestfriend

Loyalty, this is really hard to find in a friend, thus, our pets can always be loyal to their owners. Treating our pets just like a family member will always bring rewards in the long run. The utmost feeling of joy which can really be beneficial as a treatment for depression is always a clear benefit of having pets.


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Let the compassion inside our hearts be felt by being kind to animals

Watching videos about saving the animals either from the harsh outside world of our care has always been a teary-eyed moments for me. I can't help but burst into tears whenever I encounter videos like that.

As a great contribution to this cause of supporting people with compassionate and good hearts, I always make sure I share these kind of videos. But the best share that I could give to the world is to take care of my own pets and love them like true family members.

I have saved a dog. Well, it's not me who did it but my mom. nevertheless, I supported her decision to adopt this wonderful creature that is now 8-9 months old dog.


Photo taken 8 months ago using MyPhone A7 DTV

Here's the story posted on steemit. Meet Our New Family Member - Bimbo, The Adopted Pet 💓

On that post from another blogging platform, you will also see my other pets named "Miming" (a cat) and "Mitch" (a female dog)


Captured by: MyPhone A7 DTV

Here they are now both making our lives really fun each passing day


Captured using Oppo A3S (with flash @ night time)

There you go my dear fellow bloggers and writers. Try it for yourselves and also adopt a pet today. Your kids will surely love it. Make sure you let your pets get vaccinated with anti-rabbies and be safe all the time. Train them also to go outside the backyard everyday for them to poop responsibly. Make sure to have water available for them to drink and replenish it all the time.

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