Do You Love Certain Cryptocurrencies?

If so, then you are considerably not a professional trader. Most of the master traders that I have known and interacted with, do not really prefer certain cryptocurrencies / digital assets at all since they should not be feeling attached to a certain holdings but to really make themselves updated with all of what's coming up in the coinmarketcap list or their preferred platform of exchangers.

I consider myself an experienced trader and sharing my knowledge doesn't even make me a Crypto-Analyst also. I just love to answer questions if ever someone asked me what happened to the market today. Some experts are really good in the in-depth technical analysis of what the graph shows them in real-time values.

The basic rule still applies:

Buy low, sell high!


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This should be the case and sometimes the experts have their own way of making the most out of the bearish market and still earn a lot from it. They buy low and when the price went down they wouldn't even care and still buy lower than its previous value with doubled amount. Time is the essence and will just set the sell order which will then a value is going to be nominated until the market hits that value.

There are lots of techniques that the master-traders are doing but then again for us who are really not making a life out of these crypto-currencies, we just hold a few currencies. Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves to love these crypto holdings once we gained a lot from it. It is really a great way to hold Bitcoin those times because of what happened to the popular fork where Bitcoin Cash was created. Now we hold BTC thinking there might be more forks coming up in the future.

Everyday is always a great time to buy BTC because now at these times the fluctuation are not really getting deeper and higher as much as last 2017. It is somehow stable and just ranges from 1-5% rate versus USD in value. So it is really safe to buy the top cryptocurrencies nowadays.

There could be no more worse moments than being at the worst most of the times!

The candle sticks would really then just go up because it was immersed at the bottom for the longest period of time.

Our preferences might also be affected by what is popular nowadays. Some community members can really create some hype over a program, a platform or a token. That's why we are also getting along with what's trending too and participate in the ICO's. Not knowing that it could also me a money trap which can lead to being scammed too.

Whatever it is that we love about crypto and probably hold a few. We should always do our own due diligence and let us prepare ourselves for the worst part.

I love BTC, BCH, XLM, Doge, Steem, PIVX, EOS, LTC, ByteCoin, DigiiByte and 0x. For now, they are the ones I prefer to hold. Thank you so much for reading my blog post and have a great weekend everyone!





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