The next step!

The next step!

By KiBLS | kibls | 29 May 2020

The next step!

So many lies everywhere and so much bad. 
The state of this world can make you sad.

What should this world change to? 
What is your task, what can you do?

These are really important questions! 
Well, may I offer you a few suggestions?

Should you start to fight or to flee? 
Nothing at all! Just find your tree!

Yeah, you really read it right! 
For you there is no outside fight!

Just sit down quietly without expectations! 
To remove the last fears and limitations.

Nature gives you back what you need! 
And honours all intentions and every deed!

She's been watching you for so long. 
She's been watching you becoming strong.

You enjoy her full support in gratitude. 
Because she knows your true, inner attitude.

And there's really so much to explore! 
But online you'll never find the core!

The signs of the times are clear. 
This change is already very near.

The old world has long been viewed. 
But in you, everything must be renewed.

Dive deep into your consciousness. 
To finish your development process.

Inner peace will update your system. 
And all mankind now receives true wisdom.

A deep feeling of connection takes its place. 
Where you are enveloped in natures embrace.

And you see that though you've had far to roam. 
Your spirit truly has came home.

(written by @KiBLS and @Bart23)

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Author: KiBLS and Bart23 | Written: ~24.05.2020 | Published: 29.05.2020 | German translation: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Tuning of the minds


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