The Fall Of A Birds’ Nest

By ketcom | ketcomblog | 20 Sep 2019

I was reading through some friends post the other day and I saw one post by @emergehealthier (on steemit) which had a picture of a birds’ nest that was on the ground. In the comment section I told her what I knew about a birds nest on the ground.

I actually knew this because I have a lot of trees in my compound and this is a common experience I see regularly. So as I was going to check on the rabbits today at the rabbit farm I noticed that a birds’ nest had fallen under the Rose Apple tree so I decided to write about it.

Coconut trees under birds attack.jpg
Coconut trees under birds attack

I have a coconut trees that I have been hoping someday I’ll eat from it but the birds in my vicinity have turned into raw material source for collecting the leaves the use in building their nest.

I have been trying different ways to drive the birds away from the coconut trees but it hasn’t been successful. I’ve hung black clothing materials on the tree as a friend advised me to but it didn’t work, another friend said it should be red clothing materials and I did that too but the birds didn’t go away, I’ve also constructed a scarecrow but it seems the birds already know that trick. Lol.

So, I’ve left them to collect the leaves from the coconut trees and use them to build their nest on the other trees in my compound. The consequence of allowing this to happen is that very in the morning I hear birds singing. This should be pleasant but it is actually not. The birds are different and it seems to me like it is more like a shouting match than a singing competition. Sometimes you get the feeling they are trying to speak English because of the way they sounds. No kidding.

I hear something like “Is the Queens English correct?” and then another bird replies “No, no o o “, the other bird is probably an Owl or a Crow. Lol.

I hear something like “Monkey banana”.

I hear something like “bae see”, that’s boyfriend/girlfriend see.

I hear something like “pee pee”, those are mostly the baby birds when they are hungry.

I hear something like “twi twi twi”, I don’t know what that translates to.

Some of the birds have high pitched voices while other has low pitched voices.

No joke people, every early morning of everyday these birds keep hitting it. I wake up sometimes and I remember one of the clips of Charlie Chaplin where he tied bombs round a tree and allowed the birds to settle on it before blowing the tree up. Lol. Very dramatic but I am sure I wouldn’t do that, trust me. Lol.

Anyways, once the baby birds are able to fly, they leave the nest or should I say migrate. With time the nest is all dried up and becomes very light such that they are easily blown off the tree onto the ground. Sometimes more winds push them far away from the tree from where they fell down from.

Birds are very professional nest builders so they build very solid structures to hold their babies. I have never seen an egg fall off a nest before and have also not seen newly hatched birds falling off the nest.

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