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Sandra Just Put To Bed She Has 6 Beautiful Kits

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Sandra is a female rabbit, we were expecting her kits on Thursday or the morning of Friday but they didn’t come. I came back from work on Friday and went to check on her and still there were no kitties. Friday was day 32 and normally my female rabbi...

The Fall Of A Birds’ Nest

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I was reading through some friends post the other day and I saw one post by @emergehealthier (on steemit) which had a picture of a birds’ nest that was on the ground. In the comment section I told her what I knew about a birds nest on the ground. I a...

Why I Lease Steem Power – Is It Worth It?

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I had two and half weeks after applying for an account on Steemit to read loads of stuff about the Steem Blockchain, how to be successful in it, what will help me grow, how to write a good post, how to grow your follows, designing of banner, post str...

Blockchain Technology Is Helping Us Evolve A New Way Of Life

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Back in the days when you were watching the TV and you needed to change the channels, you needed to get off your behind and go and turn the knob on the TV and if the stations were not showing very clearly, someone had to go outside and turn the pole...

Increasing Demand For Personal Details On The Crypto Ecosystem

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Opening a bank account used to be very tasking because some of the requirement needed to complete the process of verifying if you are the real person you say you are made it impossible for some people to open a bank account. First you needed a means...

1 Year On Steem Today And I Say Thank You

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My account opening story was not as the Joe would open an account today. Nah. I applied for an account on the platform on 17th August 2018, did the email and phone verification thingy but waited and waited and then waited some more. Lol. I finally go...

How I Got Scammed In An Online Investment And How I Turned The Idea Into A Good Thriving Online Service Business

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Back in 2003 I was working in a management consulting firm and it was such a busy place where we were just too busy and virtually had very little time for ourselves. Been one of the very few in the office then with good computer skills I had one allo...

How To Prepare Unripe Plantain Porridge

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I mentioned preparing and eating unripe plantain the other day in my one of my post and some were surprised that they eat such so I decided to do a post about how to prepare unripe plantain porridge. Benefits of Eating Unripe Plantain Before I go thr...

Investing In SP Leasing Has Huge Potentials

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I spent some amount of Steem recently leasing SP from ( to grow my SP to over 22000 SP (remember, a large proportion of that is leased). Why did I do that you might ask, the answer to that question is simply, **to gain mor...

Shit Business Is Serious Business

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The topic kinda sounds nasty but it is serious business that we have to talk about. Lagos is a very big city and we all know there are a lot of parties going down regularly especially on weekends. And with all these parties happening comes the proble...