Blockchain Technology Is Helping Us Evolve A New Way Of Life

By ketcom | ketcomblog | 12 Sep 2019

Back in the days when you were watching the TV and you needed to change the channels, you needed to get off your behind and go and turn the knob on the TV and if the stations were not showing very clearly, someone had to go outside and turn the pole connecting the antenna to the TV while shouting to the person monitoring the clarity of the TV station inside the house “Is it clear now?” sometimes the person inside forgets to watch and when they turn to watch they reply with a negative answer. Some TV sets needed banging on it on different sides before you get clarity or voice, there were also some TV sets that the clarity goes when there was a loud noise or someone shouted, this made watching football matches a drag. Lol.


All this maybe sounding like fiction to the younger generation today but those were some of the things we had to live with way back in time. I was telling a 15 years old kid the other day how I lost contact with a friend and he said we should have stayed in touch through emails or phone calls or that I should have been chatting with him online or through Facebook. Lol. I took time to explain to him that emails, facebook and other online stuff didn’t exist for us as kids because they had not been invented yet and that our country only introduced GSM phones in 2001 after the end a very long military rule.


My young friend looked at me as if I had a miserable childhood. But I let him know that we had a great childhood despite all the odds against us. We had loads of friends, had meeting time and places, we played street football and ran around our neighborhood as if it was our own backyard. Every parent knew all the names of the kids in the neighborhood and they took care of us as if we were their own kids. All that has changed now as it is now all man for himself. Computer games, video games and mobile games are keeping kid inside the house always, even when they go outside to play the addiction to their phone makes it difficult for them to interact with other kids. If you want them to participate in a sporting you have to drive them to a sporting centre or school where such facilities are available. Now you may recede in a neighborhood for 10 years and not know anything about your next door neighbor.


No matter how much I enjoyed the past, I do not want to go back to it. Lol. Technology has made life a lot easier for everybody these days. We now have remote controls, blinding machines, juicing machines, lifts, mobile phones, emails, high tech cars, social media and a host of other stuff like blockchain technology.  


I made a post the other day about how some time ago I was getting charged $40+ on a payment of $100 worth of bulk domain names to my provider in the US.  What made up these charges were: telex charge, home bank charge, third party bank charge, VAT and COT (cost of transaction). It also pained me that these transactions were taking 4 days to hit my providers account and anytime it took 3 days I would be so happy you’ll think I won a jackpot. I went through this stress for 2 years plus until Bitcoin option surfaced. With Bitcoin in less than 1 hour my transactions were completed and the charge were less than $2.


Blockchain technology is providing decentralized financial transactions which allow peer to peer transactions without the need for a third party. It is providing a way to share data and information using distributed and decentralized database. In a decentralized blockchain, censorship and government interference or manipulation is not a problem. The technology is providing a means of livelihood for millions across the globe, it is helping to fund a lot of charity work with the assistance of other social media type blockchain oriented projects.  


As with any new things there are problems and challenges they have to conquer to still remain relevant in the society or don’t resolve and go into oblivion. Some of us have forgotten that Bitcoin is just 10 years old which means other Altcoins are less than 10 years. But can you imagine in your wildest dream how much has been accomplished? How vast and wide this technology is spreading. Can you imagine how many transactions some of these blockchains handle per second?


There are many ways you can get rewarded working on different blockchain projects through “proof of brain”, “proof of work”, “proof of stake”, “proof of burn”, “Proof-Of-Capacity”, “Proof-of-Elapsed Time” I am even working on “proof of food”, lol. Just kidding. But there seems to be the creation of a blockchain technology for all works of life and situations.     


The good thing about all of this is that most of them are rewarding us for actions we take which prior to now we were getting nothing and instead our information were been sold without our knowledge. We read about the millions organizations made year in year out but our contribution were never mentioned or acknowledged.  


I am indeed fortunate to be around to experience all this changes, that I’ll post my views here and receive a reward for it is truly amazing. The fun part is that this is only the beginning can you imagine what it will be like in 10 to 20 years time. I guess by that time my kid will be amazed at how bad things were for me today. Lol.


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