Who is Satoshi?

Who is Satoshi?

By Kek | KEK | 27 May 2020

The most icon person in the cryptocurrency market is a person called Satoshi Nakamoto, the so-called creator/founder of bitcoin. 
According to Wikipedia, he has a net worth of 19 billion dollars, let that blown your mind for a second! 19 billion dollars is enough money to make you fit in the top 100 list of most wealthy people of all time. 
In my opinion and a lot of other he is a very inspirational man who is the keystone to why the cryptocurrency is that big today, but my opinion melt if you ask the bank/governor because bitcoin makes them have less control and people with a lot of power have a bigger chance of losing their capability.

What are the positive and negative effects of untrackable currency?
We can start with the positive effect of the mantra and that is the liberal point of view, bitcoin can make us have more freedom in the way that we can, for example, do business without paying taxes and stuff like that. 
But when the market is that hidden from society, you can expect that is a lot of scam in it; so-called "shitcoins" and pump/dump is frequent in the cryptocurrency market.

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