Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi

By Kavi | Kavya | 8 Apr 2020

Covid19 which is simply called corona virus by major community in the world ,is not unfamiliar with anybody at this time . A virus which is entered in the world from wuhan region in china killing thousands of people globally . we could saved many lives before this virus spread internationally but superpower America took it in light way of this pandemic and until February Mr Trump visited India to show America & India great friendship through the event called Rowdy Modi which was very successful but after 2 months what suddenly happened which changed American President mind and threatened India verbally on the matter of Medical kits & Drugs Supply ?

lets discuss here in detail: 

At the present scenario in America , the condition of citizen is very panicking because this virus spreading their in large scale and till the time of writing this blog ,it was 400k above cases of corona virus detected and out of this numbers , 11k people been declared dead which is danger alarming for Mr president and in rush he endorsed a medicine which is helpful to prevent corona was "HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE" . This medicine only India produced in big volume and Mr modi banned export of this to other countries as India also needed this in big numbers but at present time India already announced to deliver this to America in big volume to support . 

When India was already declared to export this medicine to America then there was no use to deliver such statement by mr trump if India failed to deliver then bad consequence will be faced and thats the turning points of mr modi to react back and deliver the message to America that for him nation is first priority which was great thoughts by indian prime minister 

Let's hope mr trump and mr modi become good friend forever and fight together to overcome this pandemic time . 


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