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My Crypto Beginnings as an Amateur HODLer

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 5 Feb 2021

Hey what’s up beautiful people! Back for story time about how I managed to stumble into crypto at just the right time. 

I used to play online poker. I played back before players could watch YouTube videos on the most optimal way to play a hand. I played on Full Tilt poker, back when we didn’t know what was actually happening with our money. 

Eventually the state of Washington decided to make it illegal to deposit onto an online casino using a debit or credit card.

And then there was Bitcoin...


The illness that shan’t be named hit, and I was stuck spending more time at home doing nothing.  I mean, there are only so many shows that can be watched on Netflix or Prime. I started getting that poker itch back. So, I started scouring the inter webs in search of a way to deposit money into an online poker account. 

Turns out Bitcoin is a solution for that (among other things)!

I opened a Coinbase account, jumped through the hoops that they make you do to link your bank account, and bought $50 worth of sats to dip my foot back in the poker waters! To be sure, there are a lot more sharks in said waters than I remember! I digress. 

I started playing a lot and watching a lot. On poker streams a lot of the players were talking about HODLing Bitcoin. All I was thinking, was these idiots were spelling HOLDing wrong! 

Long story short, I googled hodling and realized I was the idiot! And every day since I’ve been Holding On for Dear Life!


P.S. None of this is financial advice, but I HODL ETH, LTC, and ALGO! And I love them like Gollum loved his precious!

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