An awesome draw and new updates in Rising Star

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 15 Apr 2021

Ever since I have invested into the millionaire card in Rising Star game my game went for for the better. It feels like I had made this call to just go for it on the right moment and now I am seeing some good returns for it.

I took my HIVE and bought Starbits for a very low price and have some decent returns from that every day because I am able to do the millionaire mission every day. So this means that I am able to buy 12 card packs around every 4 days, giving me a better chance at more cards. Today this was an awesome draw that I took


One of the last legendary cards of this Raven which went out of print after that I had drawn it. BOOOOOOOM!

Currently you can get this baby on the market for 150 HIVE ($75 bucks!)and now I have 2 of these. Apart from that they are very good in returns on the market (especially since they are out of print now the price will most likely go up from them), they also have an awesome set of fans and skills. As you can imagine I am extremely happy with this draw!


Cards, cards, cards

Other cards that were in this draw were a couple of good guitars that are pimping up the guitar lessons (which was not really my intention as I am doing mostly production lessons, but hell...If I get better guitar skills, why not go for those ones) and also some Epic cards. Pete Wong is an epic card worth 180K Starbits on the market which are 40 HIVE and also another Jive Easter Bunny

I have a couple of these bunnies already, and am looking for to expand my collection. If anyone wants to trade this Easter Bunny for a R5 Male rapper (which is around the same price) hit me up here or on discord.

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New updates and tokenomics

Rising Star game has been working on getting their finance in a healthy way and that means there has to be and incentive for people to keep their Starbits in game. One of the ways they have acchieved this is by customizing the instruments which costs you Starbits to do the mission.


Their newest way to keep the Starbits in game is by becoming a music promoter. Now I haven't tried this as yet, but actually it seems kind of cool. So what you do is that you put your Starbits in a pools and bid on a mission. At the end of the day your bidding will result in receiving Starpro tokens which are currently around $0.60 on the market. Not a bad deal I guess.

And what I can see from this it actually is keeping the Starbits from being sold and the price went back up again. Mission accomplished and well done team!






I still have to give the music promoting a try but will do this surely now there are still not that many people involved in there. I also see that I need to get some cans of petrol for enhancing to the next level in my missions which will also cost me 50K Starbits.

All in all, enough to do for now, and getting more Starbits from my recent draw will surely help with this.

Hoping the NFT craze will continue also in the Rising Star game I do see a good future ahead still.

All you need is a HIVE account to start to work with which is free, and then you can start playing Rising Star which is also free. Why not to try?

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