Top Three Picks for 2024-2025

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 1 Apr 2024

Bitcoin, Solana and Doge are the three top choices of many people in 2024 this time. Amidst the turbulent asar waiting for the right time to buy, it seems that these three coins will be the champions in the next bullrun year 2025-2025.


Bitcoin, which will provide a halving period, remains the main candidate amidst prices that have broken through the $700 level. As the superior of every bull season, Bitcoin is still the iconic bearer of luck for other Altcoins.

In the next place as the new Ethereum killer, Solana is advancing with many newcomers starting to look at this blockchain market. Outperforming many layer 2 project competitors, Solana is the top candidate for choice besides Ethereum this year.

Meanwhile, in the place of Doge Coin as the iconic coin and other meme coin tokens, it is the top choice after the existence of other meme coins. Although there are still many options for expectations from other candidates, it seems that people still tend to be optimistic about choosing Doge in the bullrun season in 2024-2025 this time.

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