The Highest Caste in the Crypto World

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 12 Apr 2024


The context is not to sort or compare, but simply to discuss who they are and how important their existence is in the continuity of the crypto world. In relation to the creation of crypto information, of course it starts from the existence of who makes/creates it, then develops in terms of who continues to develop it and who becomes the financier/investor and finally reaches the point of who buys it.


Developers, Investors and Buyers are the three main points of need for crypto to run. Without one of them there it definitely won't work. In terms of language, terms based on the formation of caste are used for the diversity of forms of characteristics, origins and differences. Each has goals, tasks and needs. Fulfilling relevant and non-related needs. The goal is one goal of success. However, the disclosure that existence can take place requires unity.

The highest caste in the crypto world is not just a necessity without forgetting diversity. Which means not feeling high and also not feeling better than others. It may be different, but it is an understanding to make people aware of who they are and why they are there. Apart from these three, they are still needed even though they cannot be said to be in the same position. Crypto users can be anyone, whether they are developers, investors, buyers or outside the context of existence without the forms mentioned.

This means that from these three castes other forms are born, such as users, holders, brokers, collectors, and others. At first glance, it only comes from three formations, but in the end it creates many other forms. This is why the word caste is used and placed in the highest place as a distinction. Because the need really comes from the existence of the three forms of existence they need.

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