Let's enjoy the crypto crashes!

As everything is cyclical and here in cryptocurrency is no exception to the rule!

Seeing another big drop just makes you want to BUY! Always following the same logic: Buy to the sound of the cannons and sell to the sound of the violins!

In a few years we will look back and say why I didn't buy more at 28k!!! Bitcoin price is still cheap, so imagine what you can still win!


Bitcoin these days is still very much affected by the stock market but that will change and will move into a store of value!

As seen in this recent Luna crash, many projects will be tested to the limit and I am increasingly convinced that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the queens of cryptocurrencies. And I think a few more projects will drop!

How many and how many times have we heard that Bitcoin was going to die? And what happened? Go for historical values!


Hold on to these hearts, it will be worth all the effort.





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