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How I got 1 ADA and 65,000 SHIB from Huobi Global by spending less than 5 minutes

By Joe Jutjutjut | Jutjutjut | 28 Nov 2021

Today I'm going share how I got 1 ADA and 65,000 SHIB from Huobi Global by spending less than 5 minutes. Is it free? Yes it is! That sounds catchy, got your attention ain't it?

Huobi Global is now hosting a "Magic Miner" event to all its user who have finished KYC process. Although it is called "mining", it actually took less than 5 seconds for the "mining" process to finished from the start to the end and you already got the result. I think it was more like "winning" rather than "mining". Maybe that's where the "magic" came from, I'm just guessing here. You (and I) could win BTC, DOGE, SHIB, ADA, NFT mystery box, NETFLIX subscription and other rewards by participating in this event. You could read the details about the events here because that is not what this post is all about. I just want to share my experience participating in this event.

Oh by the way, I want to clarify one thing, this 5 minutes that I was talking about in the title, it is not in consequent, meaning a little bit here and there it adds up to the period of 5 minutes within 48 hours. I went through this process inside the Huobi app in my mobile phone, so you could do the same if you want.

When opening the apps, I saw the "magic miner" button in the middle segment. I was looking for something else, I actually want to ignore it, somehow I tapped it anyway and to my surprise it does have something for me in store.


Huobi Magic Miner button location


Upon entering the magic miner page, it suddenly starts spinning something and gave me 15 days of mining period. I actually don't even know what that is, but I got it. That's good enough for me. It shows that I have 1 time mining left, I straight away clicked the "Mine now" button. Then it shows a loading gifs, pretending it was mining, for about 3 second. And then a popup notice came out saying I won 5000 SHIB. These mining prizes actually have a grading system, this 5000 SHIB is most probably the lowest grade. I believe the more I "mine", the better the grade would be. 


Huobi Magic Miner page

After I used my mining chance once, I'm already out of it. But it says that I could get more mining chances by doing a few task available, or I can wait for the next day to get a free mining chance. I looked at the task, some are very simple and others are quite challenging. I already deposit some HT into Huobi Global long time ago (can't even remember when), so it give me 1 free mining chance, so I claimed it. Another task is to visit HECO page which actually took less than 10 seconds and it gives me another free mining chance. So I mined again and got 1 ADA and a 1Point Card (I'm still figuring out what this card is, if you know anything please comment below).

Then the next day (for me, that is today) I open the Huobi app and went to the magic miner page again, I can see 1 free mining chance available. Straight away I "mined" once more and got 30,000 SHIB. Then I looked at the task that I could do to get more mining chance, and again visit the HECO page to get one more mining chance. Turns out the deposit crypto is a one-time task, so no more mining chance from it. With the mining chance that I got, I "mined" once more and got another 30,000 SHIB, awesome! So now in total I got 1 ADA and 65,000 SHIB for free from doing a few tasks which took me less than 5 minutes! Guess what, I'm gonna be there tomorrow too.


My Huobi Magic Miner mining history


For those who still have not registered as a Huobi user and feeling like doing so, I would appreciate it if you can register through my referral link here:

Sign up Huobi Global poster

Thank you for reading!

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