The Future of US Democracy and Now to Fix it

The Future of US Democracy and Now to Fix it

By Cje95 | Just My 2 Cents | 16 Nov 2020

Headed into this US election season it was anticipated that it would be well a mess, to say the least. No matter who won the election someone was going to yell fraud and accuse someone of stealing the election. As the votes came in and were tallied America's archaic system was put on full display to the world and honestly it was nothing short of embarrassing. 


Off the top of my head, I can think of Russia and France that used blockchain to vote. With Russia, the details were a little hard to come by, and being Russia that did not surprise me. Two different French towns though used Tezos's blockchain to vote. American where we claim to be on the cutting edge was really nowhere near close. Blockchain had been used in a couple of Republican Party State Conventions but that was as far as it went due to one issue or another. 


If anyone on either side tells you that the Postal Service was a good idea they are just lying to you. It has been known for years all the issues that occur in the Postal System and how no matter the amount of money was thrown at the issues it never seemed to be working all that well. The post office has been a long-running joke called everything under the sun including my favorite snail mail. To think that people would trust other people to handle their votes was ignorant of both sides.


The long-running issue people have had with America's system has been not the voting process but instead, the Electoral College... however that has functioned and continues to function just like it was supposed to. The Electoral College was meant to prevent "tribalism" or sections of the US feeling so disenfranchised they wanted to break off. In Europe, you are seeing this issue now both in France and really in Spain. The Electoral College requires you not to just win a few areas with the highest population but to travel and move among many parts of the US. Mob rule was something the Founding Fathers were very very against and that much is said in the US Constitution with how Senators were initially voted for. Over time this has all changed and like how it was supposed to be it was improved upon and further amendments were passed. 


To fix what is wrong with the voting system the art of voting itself must change. Blockchain or something deviating around this must be implemented. The voting counting has to be taken out of some other person's hand that you or I do not know. A more secure a more non-human element has to be added. I do not like to say computer because that can easily be hacked blockchain is the future of voting and the faster the US realizes this and applies the funds to build this system the better it will be for this country. We are divided and we are all hurting who was president did not matter what matters now though is healing this nation and implementing a voting system like blockchain that will be secure and something more people can trust than hand-counting ballots,

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