Was Steem-Engine just an essay?

Was Steem-Engine just an essay?

By Juan Molina | Juan Molina | 12 Nov 2019


Since 2019 Q2, started operating Steem-Engine. This new platform allows anyone to create their own Steem-based token.   Since its launch until today, more than 600 new tokens have been created. Most of them are just test tokens, very few represent a true project. Another large part of the SE tokens have lost almost all of their initial value, some are not even worth anything!   Many of the successful tokens that have managed to maintain their value, correspond to the famous "tribes", the same ones that already have a little more than a couple of months existing. A tribe, in addition to having their own token, have also developed their own platform, which establishes the theme that must be addressed by publications that use their labels and that can also be made from their own front-end site.

Why have Steem-Engine tokens failed?

The nerve point of any token is that it must have a utilitarian character. It must have a real use that is attractive to the owners, otherwise it will disappear.

This feature can be found in many of the Steem-Engine tokens and it is precisely these that have had the lowest depreciation rate.




SMTs are Born

This is the new era of Steem Blockchain. The real #newsteem.

The testnet is live and the code is updated every day to eliminate errors and optimize.

What will allow the creation of Smart Media Tokens?

The main phenomenon expected with the release of SMTs is the ICOs.
This would allow, in theory, to raise considerable flow of fresh money and large levels of fundraising that would enter the blockchain. Then we can understand the great expectation that exists regarding the release of SMTs.

It is very possible that these future ICOs allow the long-awaited recovery of the STEEM price. If an investment boom is created, we might experience a growth boom similar to what happened when Ethereum Blockchain allowed the creation of ERC-20 tokens.

"He who does not know his story is doomed to repeat it"Napoleon Bonaparte


We must remember what happened with the rise of Ethereum's ICOs and their subsequent fall, creating a fleeting crypto bubble.   The important thing is that the next SMT ICOs are honest, real, feasible and sustainable projects over time. Otherwise, if we experience massive fraud, this would be the total and absolute end of the STEEM blockchain.   I can't help thinking that Steem-Engine with its tokens and tribes was just a great rehearsal to get to the SMT.   Although the testnet is currently running, all the results of the activities of the Steem-Engine tribes that have been accumulating since its launch, constitute an invaluable market material, which will serve to correct possible failures and make improvements prior to SMT.The main objective was to reach the SMT´s ICO. Steem-Engine was just an essay.@juanmolina

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

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