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By Juan Molina | Juan Molina | 8 Oct 2020

This month of October 2020 is full of opportunities for all Steemians, thanks to the initiative sponsored by @steemitblog:


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Steem Crypto Challenge Month - Update of Challenge #1: My Favorite Cryptocurrency – How Can We Get Businesses to Accept as Payment? by @steemitblog

Time for Challenge 1: September 28th - October 4th


So get your crypto pencils sharpened and get ready to write and win every day throughout October...

Currently, I have fallen in love with the native cryptocurrency of QUANT Networks: (QNT), I will explain why.

  • What makes you like the cryptocurrency most and how do you use it?

A few months ago I got to know about Quant's project and their Quant Overledge, I was impressed with the concept.
This deals with what they call "The network of networks" since it enhances interoperability and allows interconnection between different Blockchains, as well as with non-blockchain networks.

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Such was the impression that this project caused on me that I decided to make a series of posts about it:

With its own blockchain operating system called Overledger it is possible to interconnect different DLTs with just a few lines of programming. Amazing!.

Regarding its use, I personally do not give it the function for which this cryptocurrency was created, since it works as the necessary fuel for companies and companies to access the advantages of Quant.
I only hold it, since I trust in the revaluation of this fabulous project, and in fact, its value has increased notably in recent months.

  • When did you learn about cryptocurrency and how long have you held it?

Before April 2018, I did not know anything about cryptocurrencies or blockchain.
It was precisely when I became a Steemit user that I began to get to know this wonderful world. Since then I have been concerned about making known among my family members and friends the advantages and benefits of Steem Blockchain, Steemit and everything related to blockchain in general.

I feel convinced that it is through crypto-finance that the democratization of access to a free economy, the empowerment of people, and the dependence on traditional banking entities would end.

  • Which platform you like to trade cryptocurrency?

I am Venezuelan and in my country, STEEM has helped many people to improve their quality of life. Most of my colleagues usually change the steem obtained by Fiat in order to cover the basic needs of food, transportation, etc. For this purpose, I use the platforms Capybaraexchange and

But if what I want to do is trade between other cryptos, I generally use Probit or Binance, since their interface is very friendly, they handle updated prices and operate with many cryptocurrencies.

  • What changes does cryptocurrency bring to your life?

Cryptocurrencies, especially STEEM, have brought great well-being to my life.
My quality of life has been dramatically improved since I started earning and managing crypto. The Steemit platform has been a true blessing for me and my family, since it was in Steemit where I met people of great human value, from whom I learned and from whom I receive daily valuable signs of love, solidarity and true friendship.


Thanks to Steemit, and in the company of my dear friend @ crypto.piotr, I was able to found Project Hope Community with which we have been able to help many people from all over of the world. Educating and supporting them regarding their growth within the blockchain life.

I would lack words to express the true meaning that Steemit and its cryptocurrency have for me.

  • How can we get businesses to accept cryptocurrency as payment?

In my opinion, the key to achieving this lies in two very important aspects:

  • Promotion
  • Education

We must make more and more people know about the stock and benefits that cryptocurrencies can bring to their lives. We must achieve mass adoption.
But at the same time, educational campaigns are necessary. I think that even in schools it should be taught as a subject of compulsory knowledge.

Only in this way would companies benefit from crypto transactions, since it is the people, educated in this regard, who would use the mechanisms proposed by the companies in terms of transactions and payment methods with cryptography.

Personally, I have participated in collections between friends (A kind of crypto pool) where we democratically take turns benefiting from the funds. I have also received and given peer loans. I have not had a personal experience of paying to a company with crypto, but in my country they have already been installed, in certain shops and department stores (Traky Stores) blockchains outlets that allow payments with cryptography.

For this challenge I have decided to establish the 100% powerup of this post.   @juanmolina

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

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