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Experiment: I use Publish0x to make a million - Week #14

Week 14 scraping the bottom of 200$.

I grabbed my tips a bit too early so I didn't get too much on that front this week. However, my major holding of DOT has paid off as it is running away in value now with the parachain auctions. The more funds gets added up the quicker this is gonna go, question is if it'll even reach anywhere close to 1 million.

I can't add any new funds.

I can't acquire any new funds without directly using crypto directly from Publish0x tips.

I can use my Publish0x rewards however I want to try and reach 1.000.000$

Week #14
+4.0639 AMPL
+2,48 USDT from bot


The estimate of remaining time is decreasing with every week which is nice to see. So far none of the lower marketcap coins have paid off, I don't expect them doing so for the near future. Just HODL them until the value spikes enough. DOT have been performing really well, waiitng to see if ADA can make any move, KAVA stays stable with good %.

I also am holding 31,49 HBAR, 6,5 EFI, 14 PRE & 141,24 TRX, hoping I can copy my luck from my hodling shitcoins experiment by HODLing lower marketcap coins.

Current progress - $190.45

KAVA - 5.9013, (+0,0226)

ADA - 8,7115 (+3,6608)

DOT - 0,9264 (+0,0021)

USDT - 49,37 (+2,48)

I am up 1,37% of my initial investment in KAVA, that means I am minus 0,65$. I have gained 0.1288 KAVA from staking.

I am down 4,84% of my initial investment in ADA, I am minus 2,14$. I have gained 0.0806 ADA from staking.

I am plus 25,14% of my initial investment in DOT, I am plus 17,89$. I have gained 0.0142 DOT from staking.

I am up 19,24% of my initial invesment in the bot with USDT, I am plus 17,33$ and have completed 24 bot trades

This portfolio is starting to grow, I am getting other crypto passevily too, but I am not counting that in here. Having extra income every month that goes to saving/investing is amazing. I am thinking of branching out into having holdings with stake at Elrond instead of ADA.

$190,45 / $1.000.000

0.019045% / 100,00%

0,269 years/ 1 413years

(-101 years from last week)

The bag is starting to be able to provide for itself, that's really nice. 

That's all for this week, wish me luck and don't forget to tip!

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Journey through cryptocoins
Journey through cryptocoins

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