Easy SuperStep Airdrop - Free 1,000 tokens and a NFT

One small step for man, one SuperStep for fitness!

I'm haven't been that big into airdrops. The few that I have done have had a lot of steps and on many you are still just entered to win. You have to sign up on the airdrop page, follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Facebook along with a host of other requirements. Honestly, they are just a pain.

Today I found an airdrop that was actually very simple and just might help me get into some better shape this summer! Enter your email address and come up with a password. That simple, well you also need a BSC address to actually receive the tokens and NFT. See my cool sneaker below.


SuperStep is the airdrop I am referring to and by simply registering you receive a common sneaker NFT which can later be upgraded along with 1,000 SGMT tokens (BEP20 token contract =  0x6F7a88274647ad54BCbE25e9d28c51DDB6b5B55F).

The airdrop will last another 28 days so you have plenty of time if interested. Referrals get you an extra 200 tokens so please use my referral link if you don't mind. Multiple referrals earn you extra shoeboxes and you will also get 10% of any BNB deposits which are not required however with commissions paid out in BNB.

What is SuperStep?

SuperStep is a fitness DAPP empowered by Jog-to-Earn mechanism. Users can earn platform tokens by walking and running similar to STEPN but with some key differences.

  • Activity - Steps for both
  • Network - SuperStep = Binance Smart Chain for SuperSteps | STEPN = Solana
  • NFT Floor Price - SuperStep = $120 | STEPN = $1,200
  • Listing Price - SuperStep = $0.004 | STEPN = $0.01
  • Marketcap - SuperStep = < $3M | STEPN = $24B
  • Staking - SuperStep = APY +1,000% | STEPN = none
  • Token Burns - SuperStep = Yes | STEPN = none
  • Token Buy Backs - SuperStep = Yes | STEPN = none

The app will soon be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The project has been audited and the smart contract security audit can be found on Github.

SuperStep Features

Jog to Earn - you earn cryptocurrencies by jogging and walking

Staking APY - earn up to 1,000% APY staking your SGMT tokens

No Entry Threshold - you can start earning without making a purchase


If you want to take things a "step" (pun intended) further you can participate in the SGMT presale phase 1 getting 10% of tokens. To do so follow the following steps.

  1. Open SuperStep Presale Page

  2. Connect your wallet (MetaMask, Trust or Coinbase) switch to BNB Smart Chain

  3. Log into the site and click "Buy Now" button (will cost BNB)

  4. Complete your purchase and get your confirmation


Final Thoughts

I like free stuff, who doesn't. I am unlikely to invest in SuperStep but I was more than happy to grab the 1,000 free tokens and free NFT. I will also download the app and try to earn some free crypto while exercising. My wife is a pretty avid runner and my son is a very good cross country runner and distance runner in track so I bet I can make some crypto as they are putting in the miles. Hopefully I can earn enough to offset their running shoe costs along the way.




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Journey through Crypto, from Newbie to ???

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