Top Coins I'm Focused on During This Bull Market!

Top Coins I'm Focused on During This Bull Market!

By johnwege | johnwege | 23 Jul 2020

It an incredibly exciting time to be invested into the cryptocurrency market.  That special feeling is in the air again, that feeling of an incoming bull market.  But everyone is probably thinking the same question.  What coins should we be focusing on during this run?  With that thinking in mind, I thought it would be a fun time to talk about which coins I'm focusing on for this bull run and why I like them.

So let's get started!

1)  Bitcoin


As far I'm concerned, bitcoin will always be the long-term play in my opinion. The goal for me is to get as much bitcoin as I can, as I believe this is what will become the most valuable in the future and help me achieve my goal of retiring early.  When a newcomer to the crypto market sees the price of bitcoin they might be scared off, thinking that it is incredibly high.  Which will then send them down the path into the altcoin forrest.  But I think it is still underpriced, and will increase greatly over the years.  When I'm taking profits with my other coins, I'm either taking profits into cash, or I'm taking profits by converting into bitcoin.  Whatever you may think about bitcoin, it is undeniable that it is the biggest brand in the crypto market.  If bitcoin were to fail, the market as a whole probably would as well. But if it continues to succeed it will mean only great things for the industry and I know I want the largest piece of that market as possible.

Although the price has been extremely and stagnant as of late, (although it has begun to move at the time of writing this), I think we will see bitcoin move in price after the altcoins have gone up more.  Now is a great time to accumulate more.

2) Ethereum


Another obvious choice, but it is obvious for a great reason.  It seems almost everything is being built on Ethereum these days and that makes this even more crucial and important to have in your portfolio.  Also most of DeFi has been built on Ethereum as well.  DeFi is the hottest thing in the market right now, and while we haven't seen a huge bull pump to the ETH price yet, I'm fully confident we will definitely see it happen.  Then considering the fact that (Hopefully) soon Ethereum 2.0 will be released which will improve the network even more, bring staking  (we've never seen staking in a coin as popular as ETH, which will lock up even more of the coin, causing demand and price to surge.  Right now I believe the price of Ethereum is a bargain, and think it will pump greatly during the bull run, and am doing my best to get even more.


3) Chanlink


Some people have been really surprised with how well Chainlink has performed (although it is seeing a pullback now), but I must say I saw this coming a mile away.  I have been highly focused on accumulating all defi coins for over a year now as I believed this would be what set off the next bull market.  With that said, many of those coins need an oracle coin to make their own coin work, and for most of the project Chainlink is that oracle.  It was the first oracle to the market, which gives it the first mover advantage which is crucially important.  Just look at bitcoin, there have been many coins like bitcoin, but because because was first and built up trust, none have been able to overtake it. 

Right now the price of chainlink is hovering around the $7-8 range, but I believe this is still a bargain of a price, and we will still see more big gains from chainlink.

4) Kava


This has been one of my recent great picks that I'm really happy about, having invested in this project earlier in the year.  Much of Defi is stuck to dealing only in the Ethereum market, but Kava will change all of this.  You will be able to use bitcoin, BNB, XRP, cosmos and soon many others.  This will bring DeFi cross chains, not only stuck to Ethereum.  This is a major thing that many other people haven't realized yet.  Another positive is that it isn't listed in many places, Binance and Kraken, which means that once other exchanges list it, it will continue to grow and grow.  I think Kava has great potential.

5) Cardano


I'm still really excited about Cardano as well.  At the time of writing this, we are only days away from the Shelley hard fork, which will decentralize Cardano and also bring Staking rewards as well.  Just this event happening alone will have a great impact on the price of ADA.  Then taking into account that there is a probable Coinbase listing soon, future protocol updates this year that will bring smart contracts, there is a lot to be excited with for Cardano.  I would not be surprised to see Cardano move all the way up to #3 on the coinmarketcap.  It has still has a lot of room to grow.  Still far below it's all-time high price of $1.33, I think during the next bull run Cardano will surpass this and make new highs.

6) Ren


As you probably noticed already, I'm very excited about the DeFi trend. While in the future the bubble in defi will probably burst, until then I think there is a lot of profits that can be made.  Ren is very important because it allows Bitcoin to be wrapped with ethereum to be able to use it in the Ethereum DeFi space, which is huge! After all, Bitcoin is the king, and I believe most people will want to use their biggest asset, (bitcoin) to earn more with it while it is just sitting there. 

While Ren has seen great gains, I think it has so much further it can go.  It is still a great time to get into Ren.

7) Loopring


I must say a large part of the reason I am into Loopring is because I have received a large portion of it here on Publish0x.  Once I received it, I researched more about it and really did like what I read. It is an open protocol for scalable non-custodial exchanges on Ethereum. The Loopring protocol smart contracts and zero-knowledge proof circuits allow the building of high-performance DEXes using a zkRollup construction. This allows for higher throughput and lower settlement costs without sacrificing Ethereum-level security guarantees.  And since Publish0x began giving out Loopring, the coin has seen significant gains, and with DeFi being the name of the game during this bull market, I believe it will continue to pump.  Then also taking into account you can stake Loopring as well.  There is a lot to be excited about and that has been continually adding more to my portfolio.

8) Kyber Network


And finally we have Kyber Network. Kyber Network’s on-chain liquidity protocol allows decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application, enabling value exchange to be performed seamlessly between all parties in the ecosystem.  In the past few months the price of Kyber has already gone up by 3x, and the bull market has even officially kicked off yet.  Then taking into account that just a few weeks ago they added the ability to stake Kyber, this just makes the coin even more bullish.

As you can see, I'm really excited about the DeFi movement and fully believe that is where the biggest percentage gains will be made during this bull run.  But I'm also continuing to stack the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  I'm trying to manage my risk and stay away from the super low market cap coins.  While they coin pump incredibly, they could also drop incredibly as well.

So what coins are you focusing on accumulating for this bull run?  I would love to hear about it.

As always, thanks for reading!



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