Noise Cash is Getting Better and Better

By artbytes26 | JL Info Hub | 30 Aug 2021

Noise Cash is Getting Better and Better

I joined in February of 2021. I was excited to see how easy it was to earn by merely doing twitter-like posts. Yeah, I was guilty of making low-quality posts before. I thought, because everybody is doing it, it was ok to do it. I joined the like-comment-renoise giveaway schemes, I greet hello, good morning/afternoon/evening just to get exposure. (But I never begged for subsribers - I hate doing that).

After a week or two, I learned the error of my ways. I stopped receiving the free tips. Someone said, it's normal and I should have it back after three days or so... but a week has passed and never got any tips. So, I decided to create a new account, abandoning my first account. And made sure I post only quality content and never join those giveaway scams.. I mean schemes.

Hello. My name is John, and I am here to share with you my journey in and the improvements that I have observed ever since I joined the platform.

The talking heads is mostly silent of the improvements being developed. But users are often surprised to see the difference in the platform. Some are quite subtle, some are quite obvious.

From $0.75 Shareable Tips to Heart-Tips

In the beginning, each user will have up to $0.75 worth of free tips, everyday. But you can't transfer that amount to your wallet. What you can do is, share that amount by tipping others, and you get a portion of your tip according to your disgression. You can set a percentage of the tip that will go to your recipient and how much you will receive. But if you get greedy and get more than half of the tips most of the time, that's one sure way that you will stop receiving the free tips.

Now, the tip comes when you like a post or a comment. But it is the system that determines how much tip can a post receive as a tip. Low-quality posts get zero. But somehow, there are high-quality posts that get zero as well. I guess the bot still needs to learn a lot.

Scammers, Schemers, and Plagiarists

This old tipping-scheme has attracted a lot of users. The user base of noisecash grew rapidly. But it also attracted a horde of scammers, schemers, spammers, and plagiarists.

  • The Plagiarists will post images and information stolen from different websites (including--- of all websites--- wikipedia) and post them as their own. Hoping to get some easy money quickly.
  • The schemers, they come alone or in groups. It's the group schemers are the notroius ones. They will tip each other's posts. They don't care about quality or originality. They don't care about rules. All they care about is how to earn money quickly. Here's how they work.

    A member of the group would post a stolen photo. The other members would give $0.10 tip. Let's say with 60/40 setting. $0.06 will go to the poster and $0.04 goes to the tipper. Now let's say there are 50 other members in a group. so $0.06 x 50 = $3.00 for one photo. Let's say each will post at least three photos a day. That's easy $9.00 from posting garbage.
  • The scammers
    There are different kinds of scammers. Some would create multiple accounts and probably would use VPN to trick the system. Then the scammer would tip their own uploads using different accounts.
    • Give-away scams. I call this a scam, especially those who ask for a tip . They would dangle a $0.10 - $1.00 give away. To those would subscribe, tip, comment and renoise their give away posts. Then they will receive $0.01 tip from over two hundred 'participants' and hundreds of new subscribers. Two hundred $0.01 tips is equals two $2.00 and they will give away a dollar. Sometimes they will hold back $0.30. They gave away $0.70 that did not come from their own wallet.
  • The Spammers.
    The spammers are those would comment on every posts saying, "done tipping, now tip back!", "Sub done, now it's your turn". Or would beg for tips and subscription.

Anyways, those were the days. The NoiseCash talking heads had successfully purged these schemers and scammers out. most of them anyway.

These days, I can hardly see scammers, schemers, and spammers. There are still a number of plagiarists though. And some of them earn a few tips before got reported.

Nevertheless, the platform is almost clean.

Low-Quality Content.

Unfortunately, some people don't know how make quality posts. And they still don't understand why they are spending time in what I call Zero-Zone (or Z-zone). Meaning, they are receiving zero tips on their posts. And the way I see it. Channels with lots of low-quality posts are affecting the high-quality posts in that channel as well.


If your posts get zero tips even if you get a hundred likes, take time to review your posts. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are my posts original? Did I take the photo myself? Did I compose the words myself? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then stop posting that kind of content. That's plagiarism.

2. Have I given enough description? Or I simple wrote "beatiful sunset" to describe a photo taken using a $1000 DSLR camera.

I'm just glad that I am following mostly high-quality posters, and I rarely see low-quality posts these days.

Visible improvements.

Then there are some visible improvements on the platform.

  • Notification Controls. I did not noticed this until @Omar made a post about this. The notification has some controls that let's mark all notification as read, go to the next page, or close it. Minor, but useful.
  • The Channels is an improved version of the Chambers. In a way, the owners can moderate the content. Plus the owners can assign other trusted members to moderate the channels. This feature allows the moderators help the administrators clean up the platform of plagiarized, spammy, and other low-quality content. If only all moderators do their part.
  • Hide/Unhide Comments - another new feature is the button to hide the comments. Before this, there was no way to hide the comments after reading them or adding your own. The only option was to refresh or reload the page.
  • Hashtags and mentions - The chambers will soon be removed. They will be replaced by the #hashtags. The mention is also a neat feature if you want to ... well.. mention a user. Like introducing a newbie, or you want to promote that user. However, the talking heads say that the mentioned user will not get a notification... until further notice.
  • Affiliates - One of the latest addition is the Affiliates. Users can now earn 30% of their affiliates' earnings. Wow!
  • App- This was not announced, nor being promoted by the developers and admins. But there is a app now in Google Playstore. It doesn't have anything new compared to the web version, but as @pantera mentioned in his article The Evolution of Noise.Cash: The Flagship of Bitcoin.Cash (), the app plays a few ads when used. Perhaps, if you want to give back to the development team and admins, we can do so by watching an ad or two.

Final Thoughts

Overall, has grately improved since I joined the platform in February. The spammy, plagiarized and other low-quality content are kept to minimum. The interaction between users has been very engaging. I haven't seen any begging for likes, tips, and subscription for over a month. Oh, there was one, but not on my post.
Most of the users that I am following are active also in reporting spammers and plagiarists.

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