Since my post May 6th this altcoin has gone from $0.00001542 to 0.0000525/coin. #HODLTHERAINFORESTS

By Netzien | Netzien | 8 May 2021

FROGE coin is on a run. 

I first posted about FROGE coin on May 6th, but discovered (and forgot about its launch) a few months back. 

The price seems be increasing steadily. The user base is growing. The slated charitable donation to CoolEarth looks huge and is automatic, 0.1% of coins from each transaction get donated to this non-profit saving rainforests.

Further, it's deflationary and a limited supply. 1 Trillion coins to start and 1/2 of those were burned upon launch. 1% of each transaction burned from the circulating coin supply. Volume has seen major increases. Liquidity really making relative gains today. There are also rewards to holders as !% of each transaction with respect to a number of coins in a buy or sell gets redistributed to holders based upon their holdings as a percentage of the overall holdings. 

Some people, even a commenter in the previous post seem skeptical. So far it's working out well for me. You should be careful. Actually, as I write this, it just hit a new all time high of 0.000061690 per this very website that they have set up here

Here's a screenshot from the top portion of that website showing the price, holders, and donation to Coolearth



I'm strongly considering aping in even more. I have lots more reasons to be bullish. You can see my other two previous articles here

and here: 

Still feels really early on this too.

Do your own research and your own due diligence. Be smart. Probably don't listen to me.

Thank you for your support and may all your days be green! 





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