DOGE has hit the bottom at $0.45 cents, now is a great time to dip buy.

By Netzien | Netzien | 9 May 2021

DOGE Coin. Apparently, sell the hype, buy the news eh? I've held a while. I held at ~ $0.75 cents and when it bottomed to ~ $0.40 cents this morning. This is crypto, and this is DOGE. If you can't handle the dips and rips you might struggle in crypto. But maybe, this is your first time through. It's going to rebound. Even as I was writing this, it jumped from $0.45 cents to $0.50 cents and looks to have some momentum (see today's chart below). 


Really what did you expect after gains of ~200%, 1000% etc. after just a short while (see my article here: DOGE up 600%+ in the last week and see picture below for DOGE price over the last month)? That it would just keep rocketing up? There are speculators, short-seller types, day traders, profit takers, panic sellers, and FOMO buyers. I HODL. That means, I sit back, watch the craziness and Hold on for Dear Life. Actually, with the stress of whether to buy or sell, it's much more fun this way. Even as I write this, "buy the dip" is trending for DOGE coin on Twitter. 


In my humble opinion, DOGE will trade mid to upper $0.50's this week, and slowly begin the march back up. I believe Elon is part of DOGE and will remain part of it. Elon made his kid, in his own words "A todler hodler" (see the screenshot below, and here is a link to that tweet Elon Todler Hodler tweet). Elon set up a DOGE mining rig for his kids to learn. Elon has warned to manage risk. He is vested because now so many people connect him to it. So why did Elon joke or imply it was a scam on SNL? To appease the SEC. To warn people that it is volatile. To inject some sound reasoning. To bring it back to earth a little. To demonstrate that even he understands that the validity of DOGE coin is simply based on the idea that it will only work if people adopt it.



Give it a few days. There will be new DOGE holders after this. Some people will see an appeal in buying the dip. Some will just want to take part in crypto. Some will want to buy the dip and sell at the first chance they can take profit. The momentum will again, build slowly, and then one day explode as it did over the last week. 

People buying into and selling out of DOGE is in many ways good for crypto as a whole. Tell me that this week did not increase DOGE coin's exposure to the world. DOGE Coin was like my gateway drug to crypto. As of this last week, it is the same for many others.

My first buy was at $0.004664 cents (see my article here My first DOGE buy on December 20th.). I had no clue what I was doing then. My stance and maturity level on crypto and dips have much evolved. I know DOGE will rise again. Hey, you might even be able to execute an amazing dip buy in the next week just as I did in the past on DOGE (see my article here: How to perfectly dip-buy DOGE). 


I'm HODL'ing. DOGE will come back. And guess what, when it gets to, and goes beyond $1, I'll HODL then too. It's a good life lesson. In life, I've never been a good HODLR, but DOGE has changed that for the better. 


See you again when DOGE picks up steam. 

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