Splinterlands Weekly Challenge Battle! ANIMATED CORPSE

Splinterlands Weekly Challenge Battle! ANIMATED CORPSE

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 7 Dec 2021

Every week there is a Splinterlands challenge to share a battle using a specific card and on this week's post it is the Animated Corpse card. I also encourage Splinterlands players to partake in the challenge because you get to try different strategies and earn some crypto in the process.

Featured Monster: Animated Corpse

Animated Corpse.png

Animated Corpse is a death splinter card. It learns void magic at level 4 and it costs 4 mana to use. It has decent health but it can't attack from the backline so it is limited to being either a front-line tank or a backup tank to soak up hits.

I don't use this card very often and I see little use to this as I have better options for a front line tank in the death splinter deck. However I do have access to this card and everyone should have access to a level 1 version of this card because it is part of the starter deck. Unfortunately at level 1, this card just does not appeal to me at all.

Rule set, Battle and Plan

rule set.png

The rule set this time is opportunity. This rule set makes things very interesting because it allows every single monster to attack other monsters no matter which position they are at. Of course the only thing that doesn't work is ranged attacks in the front-line row. We have 23 mana available and every single splinter type can be used except for water.


The summoner I choose this time is Byzantine Kitty. I really like this summoner because of the attacks won't miss, tank heal and bonus speed. Given the rule set of opportunity, I like to use Vigilator. He can attack twice and has both ranged and melee attack. So my plan is to use the Animated Corpse as a tank and have the rest of my cards as a way to tank hits. I also like to use Undead Priest in this case as well because it makes it easier for me to kill off some of my opponent's monster (-1 health).

Round 1

round 1.png

At the first glance of my opponent's lineup, I think I have a good chance. The extra speed and the no miss buff will allow me to wipe out at least 2-3 monsters on the first round. Most of my opponent's monsters minus the front-line tank don't have much health.

Round 2

round 2.png

I managed to remove most of my opponent's monster just from the first round. Given the speed of my vigilator, I will be able to take out his healer and I will be able to do a lot of damage on his tank before my vigilator comes to the front line. Along with the heal from my summoner, I don't see any chance of my opponent killing off my Vigilator.

Round 3

round 3.png

Since I can't miss, I don't see any chance of my opponent dealing enough damage to kill off my Vigilator so I fast forwarded to the end of the match.


As I expected, I won this match without any issues. My opponent's flying ability was negated by my summoner so I was guaranteed to hit.


The battle this time around went exactly as I expected. The combination of speed, opportunity and can't miss from my summoner
is amazing. My Animated Corpse is there just to take some hits and it did last two rounds. My idea to add in the chicken and creeping ooze in the back was also a great idea because any monsters that could attack would hit those two first. This means my Vigilator would have some extra time to deal far more damage.

I feel that my opponent also wanted to play a speed match because having 3 or 4 speed on his monsters would usually give him the edge. However the base speed of Vigilator and Byzantine Kitty surpassed what my opponent could control. My undead priest also helped me kill off his back line damage dealers. So I think my opponent had a great line up and I don't know how I would change it. I guess if he did have Mylor then he might have had a better chance.

You can see my entire match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would of done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players use the same card.

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