Splinterlands Social Media Challenge: Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Promo Event

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 19 Apr 2024

Splinterlands is a pretty complicated game and there are some interesting battles with all the options available. This is a part of the weekly social media challenge for Splinterlands. This week, it's about the ongoing Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Promo Event that Splinterlands is running.

Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Promo Event

This event is Splinterlands way of celebrating the Bitcoin Halving Event and they are doing so by introducing two new promo cards for people to purchase. These cards will have the rare halving ability that reduces an enemy's damage by half. It's a very useful ability and it's too bad that the only monster that I use somewhat regularly with it is Arkemis. These two new cards are called Baron Fyatt and Henchling Enforcer.

Baron Fyatt


Baron Fyatt is a magic monster that starts with the halving and scattershot ability. At level 3, it learns ambush, and at level 4, it learns blind. It's a pretty good card to use and this card only cost 4 mana to use. It is also a duo fire and death element so you can use it more often in fights. Overall, it looks like a great card to have and it can easily cut down your damage early on when it can ambush the enemy.

Baron Fyatt will cost 31,250 (31.25k) DEC/Credits per BCX and there is a 4% chance of a gold foil. A VOUCHERS can be used to decrease the cost of the card. According to this post, using VOUCHERS and DEC will drop the cost of Baron Fyatt to about $25 per card.

Henchling Enforcer

Henchling Enforcer is also a duo-element card for water and life. It's a ranged monster and it starts with the halving ability. At level 4, it learns true strike, and at level 7, it learns camouflage. With a mana cost of 6, I also think it's a really good card to have and you never have to worry about it missing after level 4.

Henchling Enforcer will cost 3,125 DEC/Credits per BCX and there is a 4% chance of a gold foil. VOUCHERS can also be used to decrease the cost and it will cost about $2.40 per card using the same post that I linked before.

Bonus Prizes

These are based on points and you get 1 point per DEC/CREDIT spent. VOUCHERS do not count towards the points. There are also some bonus rewards for those who land in the top 200.


It's an interesting event and I think out of the two cards, Baron Fyatt seems to be the better card. I haven't decided if I will buy any of the cards but Baron Fyatt just seems a bit too expensive for me. I might just sit this one out though but both cards look useful. I just think that Baron Fyatt at level 3 is amazing. I just don't have the funds to get one over there right now.

Do you plan on participating in the Baron's Bounty Bitcoin Halving Promo Event? Why or why not?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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