Splinterlands: Passive Rental Income Update #9

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 22 Apr 2022

The rental market has been cooling off lately and I haven't been managing my prices as much. It still requires a bit of work to manage the rentals but it does generate an income passively. It's been around 2 weeks since my 8th update on my rental strategy. Last season's rentals will definitely be less than the season before and I think this season's rental will be quite bad because there was a period of time where I left my cards unrented towards the start. I put off doing so and the fault for that lies with me.

Rental Progress

My original post, where I announced my strategy, shows my general motivation for doing choosing this strategy. The DEC price is about the same as the last time I published my report but it still seems like DEC will move back to the soft peg.


card buys.png

As always, I used Monster Market to purchase my cards for the cashback. I used up the DEC I earned from ranked battles, rental income, and rewards chest. The cost of cards in the reward section has gone down in fiat value but the cost of the chaos legion cards is still fairly high.

My choice of cards this week is some gold foil rare cards again. Given the prices, I just feel that gold foil rare cards are nice to get and they can still be found fairly cheaply on the market. I was able to buy 3 cheap rare cards off the market without too many issues and I didn't buy as many cards this time because I bought some cheap summoners a week ago. While these extra purchases won't be added to my rentals, they still increase my CP so I can rent out more cards.


My income and all rental price management are done through Peak Monsters because of the tools it provides me. The past few rental seasons have been looking great and even the current system is looking quite nice. I do plan to update prices closer to the end of the season.
Above is my previous report's income and below is my current income.
Overall, it looks like the prices on the rental market are dropping. The fiat value of cards have also gone down and it's too bad because my deck was worth 5 digits in the past. Either way, the rental market gives me a way to grow my income even further and I am happy with it. I don't think my next purchase will be as good because I didn't rent out some of my cards for a few days.


The DEC price is fairly stable but I expect it to drop even further. The information about being a Splinterlands validator is out and it has increased the price of both SPS and VOUCHER. I took the chance to dump some of my VOUCHER and get some Hive. I was planning on using this to beef up my deck but the buy order for DEC was never filled. I'll see what I can do later and check out the prices. Either way, the rental market allows you to grow and it's risk-free because it's all delegations.

What are your plans regarding rentals in Splinterlands?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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