Splinterlands: Passive Rental Income Update #7

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 23 Mar 2022

I was honestly a bit shocked to look at my revenue at the end of the previous season because it was close to 2k DEC just for the last day. From what I see, most of what is happening in the rental market is due to the amount of CP per day. From there, cards also have higher value based on their utility. It's been more than 2 weeks since my 6th update on my rental strategy. I saw that my rentals need to be reset every few days if I want to make sure things are rented out and I am making the most of what I can.

I am a bit sad about the most recent Chaos Legion airdrop cards because I had 500 airdrop points and I had over 95% of getting a single card. However, I didn't get a single card from the airdrop and I am hoping my luck with the legendary summoners is better.

Rental Progress

My original post, where I announced my strategy, shows my general motivation for doing choosing this strategy. The DEC price is still dropping and I expect it to drop back down towards the soft peg price. One of the biggest benefits of this rental strategy is that I am still collecting points toward the SPS airdrop.


card buys.png
As always, I used Monster Market to purchase my cards for the cashback. I used up the DEC I earned from ranked battles, rental income, and rewards chest. The prices are a bit more expensive this time around but I am still adding to my stockpile. My current rentals are generating a few hundred DEC a day and the last day of the season usually generates over 1k DEC. As I collect more cards from my rewards chest, I am also able to rent out more cards and have them working to generate revenue.


My income and all rental price management are done through Peak Monsters because of the tools it provides me. The past few rental seasons have been looking great and even the current system is looking quite nice. I do plan to update prices closer to the end of the season.
Above is my previous report's income and below is my current income.
Last time, I didn't change my rental prices that much and there were a lot of cards that were left unrented. This time around, I decided to pay more attention to the prices and I have been making sure that a majority of them stay rented. With around a week left in the season, I think 500-700 DEC a day is plenty, and I might be able to get 2k or so on the last day or two.


Prices are a bit higher than the last time I bought cards but my strategy is paying off and I can buy some cards for myself. In a way, this means that I have the legendary cards to level up when I do want to push up further in the leagues. However, that might have to wait until I level up my summoners. I am considering buying some summoners so I can level up my current ones but I am still unsure if I want to go through with it. Maybe using my VOUCHERS for that might be better and the rentals should focus on cheaper cards that I can rent.

What are your plans regarding rentals in Splinterlands?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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