Splinterlands: Passive Rental Income Update #10

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 7 May 2022

The Splinterlands rental market is one of the best ways to put your assets to work and give you passive income. It's been around 2 weeks since my 9th update on my rental strategy.

Last season's rentals will definitely be less than the season before and I think this season's rental will be quite bad because there was a period of time where I left my cards unrented towards the start. I put off doing so and the fault for that lies with me.

Rental Progress

My original post, where I announced my strategy, shows my general motivation for choosing this strategy. The DEC price has dropped again along with the rest of the market but prices are still around the same as last week. I have been slacking off a bit in the rental market so my rental income is definitely lower than before. It doesn't help that the prices aren't the best but I saw a few notifications about maintenance issues so I kept delaying my rental price updates.


card buys.png

As always, I used Monster Market to purchase my cards for the cashback. I used up the DEC I earned from ranked battles, rental income, and rewards chest. Like last time, the chaos legion card prices are still high so I choose reward cards again this week.

My choice of cards this week is some gold foil rare cards again. Given the prices, I bought quite a variety and used up some of my stashed DEC. The DEC price just keeps falling but the fiat value of the cards is about the same.


My income and all rental price management are done through Peak Monsters because of the tools it provides me. I do plan to update prices closer to the end of the season. Currently, I am a little bit lazy and I generally load in the cheapest price and go through the list to make sure there isn't any large CP to DEC difference between my cards.
Above is my previous report's income and below is my current income.
With the added collection power or so, I think my income has slipped slightly but the extra cards I added have increased my income back a bit more. So I don't think I lost that much. The load data for the minimum price has shortened my time a lot so that could also mean I lost some DEC over there as well. Either way, the market price of cards has gone down and I expect it to go down further as DEC drops towards that soft peg.


I have also bought some summoners, opened a gladius pack, and got some nice reward cards from my daily missions. So I have rented out more cards as I keep my 150k CP for my rank. The rental markets are still good after all this time and a 20% APR isn't bad at all. I am a little worried about the reward changes because it might change the rental strategy for people and it might actually be worth it to rent out level 1 cards. After all, you get a penalty if you don't own the cards you use.

What are your plans regarding rentals in Splinterlands?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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