Splinter Stats Season 71 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 28 Apr 2022


It is close to the end of the season again and I canceled my rentals for the end-of-season rush. I have yet to put them on the market again but I plan on doing that later tonight. I was also able to open another gladius pack and I didn't realize that the gladius cards had their own types. Last time, my pack gave me a bunch of fire cards and I couldn't use them that much. At the same time, you are limited to one gladius card per match, and this time, I got a larger variety of cards.


Match Report



It looks like it was a better season overall as my ratio was up and I didn't do as many fights. I kind of expected this because my primary focus is on finishing the quest but I don't know if this will change when the new rewards system is implemented.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset



Rewards Report



My reward cards went up and I got a few more rare cards plus 2 gold foil commons in place of an epic. This is a trade-off I don't mind making. It's a bit unfortunate that I did not get more packs but there were a few decent DEC drops from my reward chests as well.

The amount of DEC I am getting off ranked battles has dropped a lot. It looks like the rental prices will probably be affected because people won't rent for that high of a price if they earn less back. Then again, I could be wrong but there has been somewhat of a downward trend in prices.


ūüü£ Rental Report


I thought my rentals would be down a lot more but it's only a slight dip. I do think that my current season will be lower because I was slow in relisting my cards at the end of the season.

‚≠ź SPS Report


Not much to say on this front. I am still staking my SPS and I also sold a few VOUCHERS. My DEC orders haven't been filled yet so I am not sure if I should just convert it into Hive or use a diesel pool.

Overall, it wasn't a bad season. My win rate is up and I also got better cards than last season. It's too bad I didn't get a pack last season but I did get one this season. I won't bother opening them until the SPS airdrop is over though because I think it's better to keep them for the airdrop points.

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