Splinter Stats Season 58 Report Card

Splinter Stats Season 58 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 15 Oct 2021


It's been a while since my last report but I kept delaying this report. I don't how well I did last season but I do hope it's better than my season 57. There is a lot of hype recently about the chaos legion presale and everything is still going up in price. I am still just doing my daily quests everyday but with the DEC rewards going up, I try to fight a few more fights when I got more time available.


Match Report



Less fights compared to last season but a higher win rate. It definitely looks like I was focusing only on my quest and I think a lot of my dark energy capture rate aws wasted. However with almost a 60% win rate, I am definitely happy and it's better than what I got over the past few seasons. At least during the current season, my luck hasn't been as good.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset



Rewards Report



I got a lot more standard cards. After the most recent set of rewards came out, I am glad to see that cards aren't extremely rare. The recent changes to rewards makes it harder for newer players to get cards but it won't affect me since I am in Silver Rank and Gold Rank.

With the increase in cards, my chest DEC has dropped quite a bit. I won less fights this season but I earned more DEC so it looks like there was more DEC per fight won during the season.


Rental Report


I still haven't fixed up my rentals and you are probably tired of me saying so. I have heard a few different ways to modify it and I have actually set a reminder on my Calendar so I should do it this weekend. It does look like less people were renting cards last season or at least at the price I listed.

SPS Report


The ratio I got from staking rewards to airdrop is more or less the same as last time. However it does look like I got more SPS this season. I sometimes forget to claim and stake my SPS so I wonder if this is the reason for the difference.

Overall it looks like it was a great season and I have a bunch of new cards. The decrease in rental revenue highlights that I should start renting more cards and changing my current prices. With the DEC rewards so high, I should be trying to do more fights as well but I wonder if it will also impact my winning rate.

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