Another season full of daily quests - Splinter Stats Season 53 Report Card

Another season full of daily quests - Splinter Stats Season 53 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 20 Jul 2021


This season wasn't that bad when I considered rewards but I will let the report talk about it. Maybe I am just pushing it up higher because I got some gold foil commons and just nice DEC drops. I don't think I did that well in fights but I primarily focused on my daily quests as usual. Well that is enough about myself and let's go to my actual report


Match Report



Well it doesn't look too bad but it doesn't look all that good either. A total of 150 fights and I won around 60% of them. The longest streak is 10 so I guess there were some good days and some bad days for my quests.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Looking at my summer usage, nothing seems to stand out besides the fact that I was using earth splinters a lot. My water usage seems to be quite high as well since Bortus and Lir both add up to 36 fights. I don't know why my Earth splinter win rate is only 50% but I think I was just trying to finish quests and that naturally affects what I put in my line up.

As for fire, I guess I didn't really bothered to use it as much and its rare to see no death splinter usage. It just happens that I tend to use it at least once during the season but I can see it happening as my death deck is among my weakest and I dislike using it.

Top 100 Monster Usage


Well this is a weird lineup for my top monster usage. I didn't expect creeping ooze to be 2nd since I really do prefer Unicorn Mustang as my tank. My 50% win rate on wind might have to deal with Beatrix and Vulture so maybe I should be checking my fights using both of them. Besides that I don't see anything noticeable but wind really does fill up most of my top monsters.

The rest of my monsters can be found on my PeakD post.

Win Rate by Ruleset



I was wondering why Kron and Cornealius were being used quite often but the number two rule set I got was noxious fumes or poison. In that case using a self healing card makes a lot of sense. My number one rule set was reverse speed and I did better than I expected on that front. I know that I don't do the best in this rule set and having a 64.29% there is great.

Well there were a few rule sets I didn't do quite well on. This includes explosive weaponry, aim true and super sneak. I know that the explosive weaponry requires fast, tanky and hard hitting cards but its hard to find a balance between all three factors. Sometimes I build a decent build but they will use magic and I get destroyed. At least I don't see too much things out of the ordinary in my win rate.


Rewards Report



38 cards for the season isn't bad especially when you consider how card prices are exploding right now in Splinterlands. It's unfortunately but there are no epic or legendary cards this season. I was thinking I did have at least an epic but I might of mixed up last season when I was thinking of this season. The DEC drops this season wasn't bad as you can see I got 4,754 DEC from daily quests. Its unfortunate that there are no untamed packs but I am wondering if the DEC chance increased because there are no packs available in the drops (untamed packs are already sold out).

With this, I earned over 10k DEC this season which is about $10. It wasn't that bad of a season because of the huge DEC drops and I think I earned more than this due to the cards. The cards have definitely gone up quite a bit in price so I think its been quite nice.


I felt like this was a normal season. Nothing too big out of the ordinary but I did get a boost in my season rewards due to some lucky DEC drops. I haven't had as much time so I have been focusing on quests and this has been earning me some decent rewards.

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