By MR.J | Janrey | 31 Aug 2020


Sweet beginning with the ash of light

Sweet laughters and the stars shine bright

Reaching each corners of the room

Reaching for the best angles where to zoom


The sound of ickers is the only thing I hear

Capturing perfect moments whenever you are here

Filming your mouth led with smiles

Lookng at your dimples together with your eyes


Friends having love and hate conversations

Filters conveying deep feelings and emotions

Having you by my side was the best scenery

I'll play as your polaroid capturing every story


But It is destined that we will end

Sad ending for all that we started and mend

Soon our happy moments will start to you

AndyAnd are the reason why my lenses cry


In our last picture, with our last moment

Showng our best smile even though its dim

So for your shot, wil hold you tight

Case you are the masterpiece that captured my sight.

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I was a former journalist


I was a former journalist in our school and I love writing

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